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We Bring The Magic Of The Night Sky Into Your Home

Until now, the only way to really stargaze and experience the full impact of the night sky was to round everyone up, spray everyone down with bug spray, load up the car, and then drive hundreds of miles beyond the glare of city lights.

But now... the heavens are yours to keep. You can effectively bring the universe into your own bedroom, home theater, relaxation room, kid's room, game room, bathroom or family room. "It's kind of like having your own personal and private planetarium!"

Totally Relaxing

Does the Rat Race have both your mind and body  frazzled? Unplug under a calming Night Sky Mural. It’s better than drugs or alcohol to relax.

But, some S'mores would be nice.

Increases Creativity

Research shows that spending time outdoors (a night sky in a dark room is like being outdoors) increases attention spans and creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50 percent

No Bugs or Bears

Besides not having to travel a great distance to enjoy this night sky… you can also relax in a climate-controlled environment with no bugs or bears to worry about.



Level #1 (Evening at Grandma's Farm) 


Imagine that it is midnight on a moonless night and you are at the edge of town. 

There is nothing ahead of you for hundreds of miles that is causing light pollution.

You put your car in gear and head 5 - 10 miles out of town. You slow down, ease your car over to the side, onto some gravel, and then get out of the car. As you get out and  look up at the sky above you, you are amazed that there are so many stars above your head… and you can almost make out the Milky Way stretching its way across the sky. 

The first word that comes to your mind is... "Nice!"

Level #2 (Midnight at Summer Camp)

After enjoying that vision for a few minutes you get back into your car and drive another 20 miles down the road. Once again, you pull over to the side, get out, and look up.

Twenty miles back you thought the scene was “nice.” But now, "nice" just doesn’t do this justice. No, the only thing you can think of as you gaze into this beautiful night sky, with its many more visible stars and the now more-obvious Milky Way, is...  "Wow!"


Level #3 (227 Miles From the Last Flickering Lamp Post)


At this point in your drive, you seriously doubt that the night sky could get any better than at your last stop… yet you venture on. 

On this leg of your trek, you exit the highway and drive to that far off mountain peak that you can barely see in the distance. As you exit your vehicle you notice that the air is thin and crisp, and there's not a bit of light, anywhere, that is affecting your view from here. You take one step out of the car and immediately stop dead in your tracks. 

Never have you seen so many stars. Some even seem close enough to reach out and touch, while others seem so distant that you can barely even see them. You stand there frozen; enveloped in the scene before you. Words just can’t do it justice. You are left momentarily breathless. 

Off in the distance a wolf howls.

Our DIY Kit


Want to save a lot of money, or are you a DIY'er? If so, then this may be your best option. Our Night Sky Murals DIY Kit.

We took everything that we’ve learned over our 20 years of painting beautiful, and realistic murals of the night sky… and we put it this DIY Kit and then we put it all into a DIY box.

Now you can paint the most beautiful night sky murals too. And on your first try with no artistic talent.

If this option is for you... you'll be very happy with the end results.



Anywhere Really...

Over the 20+ years that I have painted star-ceilings for people, I have painted in so many different locations and it's fun to remember them.

For example, I painted a mural on the ceiling of an old school bus that was converted into an office, I've painted on the underside of a large deck, and in rooms on yachts. I've painted star murals in the "sleepers" of long-haul trucks, and I've painted murals over hot tubs and on the ceiling of a large indoor swimming pool.

I've painted the ceiling of a closet and all the walls and ceiling of a small room (that was freaky with the lights off). I've painted a ceiling in a large room of a Masonic Lodge, and on a ceiling in a hospital room

When I first started out painting these murals of the night sky... I just assumed that they'd go mainly in kid's rooms. That was the case in the beginning, but after a few years the parents wanted murals too. 


More Common areas...

So, you see... these murals can go anywhere if the room they are in will get dark enough. But, I would say that there are your more obvious rooms where a star-filled night sky might be nice to have.

KID'S ROOMS - As mentioned above, kids rooms are great places for the murals. Long ago parents used to put those little sticker stars on the ceilings in kid's rooms and that is one of the reasons that people instantly think this is for a small child's room. 

Master Bedrooms - After a few years of painting pretty much only the children's ceilings, I started to get a few parents calling me back. They told me that they were spending so much time looking at their kids ceilings that they wanted one too. So, I started doing more and more master bedroom ceilings. Then, even more. 

Not long after I started painting more and more master bedroom ceilings I started getting calls for home theater ceilings too.

The home theater is a natural fit for a star ceiling. There are more and more home theaters that are built as dedicated theaters, no in combination with game rooms or family rooms. So, the rooms are built to be very dark inside at all hours of the day and night. And, that is a perfect setup for a star ceiling to be painted in. 

I have had many customers tell me that they now use their home theaters as a place to go and relax, without even playing a movie. They put on some relaxing music and let their minds  drift off. 

So, while I have painted on all types of ceilings (and walls), my most popular places are the Home Theater, Master Bedrooms, and then in the Kid's rooms. But, if the room get's dark, ask me if I think it will work. 'm open to new things. 


What they say

Male Avatar

Tim N. - New Orleans, LA 

Thanks Jeff, words can’t express how pleased I am with the results of your work.  It makes me feel like I am back in the mountains laying under the stars and I still can’t believe that I get to enjoy this every night!  

I had a fiber optic night sky in a home in the past but this is far superior for realism and is beyond what my expectations were going into it. I’m still without words to express the giddiness it gives me.


Stephanie F. Crandall, TX

I am just speechless, stunned in amazement at how incredible my starry sky looks.

My brother-in-law (who really is a man of few words) saw the finished product before I did and was stunned! He couldn’t wait until I got home to tell me about it. He told me that he had never seen anything like it… ever! 

You have a great business, great product and I am so happy that we had you come out and paint the starry sky for us