May 2

7 hours of painting a Night Sky Mural… in only 20 seconds.


It always happens. I get my tools in the room, put down the drop cloths, cover the windows with black plastic (to keep out light and curious eyes, but mostly the light) and get ready to start painting when someone will ask if they can watch me paint their mural. Absolutely… NOT!

It’s always fun to watch their reaction when I say that… but there’s a really good reason. It isn’t that there are top-secret things going on in there to create their mural (as you’ll soon see… the stars go on one at a time), but if I were to let them watch me paint, each star one at a time, they would be so bored by the time I finished that there would be zero magic left to impress them.

No… the magic is at it’s peak after my customers have been waiting, pressing their ears up against the door, trying to offer me bribes of food (hoping that when I open the door they can see something), trying to watch me on hidden video cameras, or whatever it is they do to try to get a peak.

It’s also the anticipation of not knowing if the mural will look like those plastic stars from yesteryear, or if it really will look similar to a real, starry night sky. And after waiting between 3 and 8 hours to see their mural I let them into the room, with lights on low (just low enough that the stars are invisible)… and then have them sit down and wait for their eyes to be ready to see in the dark. Once their eyes are adapted… I turn out the lights and listen for the magic that usually shows in the form of Oooooohs and Aahhhhhs!

So, to satisfy the insatiable urge that people still have of watching me paint DOTS on their ceiling… I had this time-lapse video created. Enjoy! (Oh, and I can always be bribed with pizza and ribeye!)


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