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Three Ways To Contact Me...


Call Me - 877.882.2456

This is an OK method, but it's often times difficult to talk while on a ladder. 


Text - 801.599.9836

This is probably the quickest way to reach me, but please only do this if it's fairly urgent or you haven't heard back from me. 


Dedicated Form Below

By far, this is the best way to reach me and get a reply. Please use the form below if at all possible.

You can also stay in touch by following Night Sky Murals on our FaceBook page


Below you will find some of the more popular FAQs. If you can not find what you are looking for, you can go to our FAQ page HERE... or contact us by filling the contact form below.

What Is Needed To Get A quote?

Will You Travel To Paint My Ceiling?

Are You Affiliated With Any Other Companies?

What If We Can't Afford To Have You Paint Our Mural?

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