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What exactly is a Night Sky Mural, and what are they made of?

What is a Night Sky Mural?

Definition: High-end, original works of art that truly resemble the real night sky. A Night Sky Mural is a exclusive paint process that recreates a permanent, simulation of a star-filled night sky on the ceiling of a darkened room. Our skilled painters hand paint each mural, one star at a time, reproducing a very realistic night sky illusion, with thousands of glowing stars, that turn your ceiling into a vision of the universe. When your room goes dark the ceiling seems to dissolve, right before your eyes, and you will be left staring into a photorealistic image of the far reaches of space. The night sky will emerge as clearly as if you were outdoors. When the lights are on, no one will know that the stars are even there.

What is a Night Sky Mural made of?

Since it is really a process and an expressive work of art, your Night Sky Mural is primarily the product of a little glow paint, talent and technique. That’s pretty much it.

Over the years (since the mid 1980’s) Night Sky Murals has made great strides in the scientific aspect of realistic mural creations. We have studied, explored, tested, learned and applied the highest level of exactness and innovation to our materials, tools, techniques and processes. We have developed, along with the help of excellent suggestions from our customers, murals so realistic that they leave our clients speechless. The outcome has been nothing short of astonishing. Night Sky Murals truly has achieved an incredibly high level of realism in our art.

What are the most popular rooms for Night Sky Murals?

Good question. You know, it’s changed over the years. Way back in the beginning I painted mostly in kids rooms, which automatically seems like the logical place for a star mural… usually because that’s where those cheap plastic stars always were.

After a few years of painting in kid’s rooms, parents started to realize that this really isn’t just for kids. These murals are far from those cheesy, plastic, glow-in-the-dark-stars that have adorned little Johnny’s room for years. So, I started painting more and more master bedrooms as time went on. I would say that at about the 5 year mark, I was probably painting 70% kids rooms and 30% master bedrooms.

Over the next 3 – 5 years I saw a more dramatic shift take place as Night Sky Murals became better known around the country and Canada. Poor little Johnny, who at one time had his parents hanging out in his room to enjoy his mural… was now left to find a time when his parents would let him hang out in their room to enjoy the starry sky.

These days, I would say that I probably do

  • 65% Home Theater ceilings,
  • 25% Master Suites and
  • 10% everything else (Kids rooms, Relaxation room, Bathrooms, Family rooms).

But any room, that can get dark and where you’d like to relax, is perfect!

Are Night Sky Murals Astronomically Accurate?

Sure, they can be. That’s one of the options that we offer, where we put the constellations in their correct locations (in relation to one another) on your ceiling.

My favorite way to paint the murals, however, is to have the client choose 4 to 6 constellations that they are familiar with (no matter if they are out during the summer or winter). Then, I place those constellations into the mural where I think they will fit the best, and depending on the room layout.

This is my favorite way of doing the murals because with the accurate night sky layout… you might recognize one or two constellations. With the custom sky, on the other hand, since you’ve picked out the constellations, you should be able to recognize all of them.

But, whichever way you decide to have your mural painted… it will always be close to a planetarium quality experience.

Why are painted starry night murals better than fiber optic star ceilings?

I wouldn’t really say that one is better than the other. There are differences, and there are times when each has it’s place.

Fiber optic star ceilings are great for areas where there will be a lot of light in a room. We get asked to paint star murals in entryways all the time. But, unless you want to invite guests into your home in a pitch black house… a painted mural just isn’t the right option for that area.

Same thing with a nightclub or hotel lobby. Fiber optics are the way to go in those areas as well.

If, on the other hand, you have a room that can be made to be dark (bedroom, home theater, relaxation room, bathroom), then a painted mural is the way to go. You really can’t get the realism from fiber optics that you can with a painted night sky. Side by side comparisons are astounding. A painted mural is light years ahead of a fiber optic star ceiling as far as realism goes.

But again, there is a place for both. We will have no problem letting you know if we think that you would be better served with a fiber optic ceiling. We’d rather tell you up front than have you discover it after we’ve finished painting.

I have a kore detailed explanation on the differences if you’d like to read more. If so… just CLICK HERE

How long do the stars glow – In years and hours?

Here we go again… with another, “That depends” type of answer.

The duration of the photo-luminescent glow is entirely dependent on your environment and your ability to control it. The darker the room, the longer (and more detailed) you will see the night sky. Under normal conditions the glow lasts for several hours after the lights go out… and chances are, you will fade long before the stars do.

Our murals contain between 15 to 20 different sized stars, and the larger the star is, the more glow pigment it has in it. So, the smallest stars may glow for up to an hour before it fades away to where you can no longer see it. Then, the stars that are slightly larger than the smallest ones will possibly glow for a couple of hours. The mural will constantly be changing as the smaller stars fade first, and the larger ones stick around for several hours.

As far as how many years will the mural last… we don’t know. I’ve painted murals over 25 years ago that were still glowing the last time we checked. The pigments that we use, plus the medium that we mix the pigments into should keep your mural glowing for over 20 to 30 years, or beyond.

Do the stars really glow for hours?

Yes, but…

I get emails fairly regularly from customers who tell me that they expected their murals to glow for hours, yet it didn’t even glow for one hour… and they want to know why???

When I’ve talked with clients about what they were doing when the murals seemed to vanish, I usually discover that, after charging up the mural, and enjoying it for a few minutes, they usually go into another room and either watch TV or get on the computer for a while. Then they head back into the room, where the mural is… but see nothing. So, here’s the reason they aren’t seeing it when they went back in. When they were in the room the first time, when they charged up the mural… their eyes were most likely adapted to the dark already. But, when they’d leave the room, they’d usually go into rooms with brighter lights on and their pupils would close up, thus losing their “night eyes.” When they go back into the mural room and try to see it still glowing, they see nothing. The mural is still there, but what has changed is their eyes ability to see in the dark.

If they were to sit down and wait 5 to 10 minutes, while their eyes adapted to the dark again, they would see the mural glowing again.

A quicker way to get the mural visible again is to flip on a black lights for a few minutes and get the paint’s glow back up to it’s peak level again… then, as long as they were to stay in the room, the mural would be visible to them for hours.

Now, “night eyes” aside… your private universe will appear, above your head, night after night for decades.

How long does it take to paint a Night Sky Mural in an average room?

I always chuckle when I get this question… because I really don’t know what an average size ceiling is. They change from neighborhood to neighborhood and from state to state. But, let me try to answer it this way…

Remembering that this is an original art piece that we are going to be creating for you, it’s important to understand that time is a variable in the process. We will be working in the dark… up on a ladder… bending over backwards… holding paint in one hand and the brushes in the other hand, and in our teeth. With these things in mind, let me attempt to give you a general idea of the time involved. 
We have some murals, like our smaller “sky lights” that can be created in just an hour or two. We can also paint larger, more basic ceilings that can take a few hours to paint. Then, there are the more complex murals that can take from 6 to 12 hours, and even sometimes carry over into a second day. Usually, though, we can be in and out in just one day… unless you have multiple murals that you would like painted.

All murals are different, but we can usually give you a better time estimate after asking you a few basic questions.

At what stage of our remodel, or build, should we contact you?

Great question. It really isn’t too early to contact us to start gathering information. There have been many times when clients have contacted us when the plans were just being drawn up, and we were able to make suggestions that they passed on to their architect, who made a couple of minor changes… which made a huge difference in how the mural was enjoyed.

If you’ve already passed the “plans” stage… then contact us anyway and we will make something work. In most cases, whatever you have will work just fine.

At what stage of a remodel, or build, does Jeff like to come in and paint?

If possible, he likes to get into the room to paint (in a new build or remodel) just as soon as the ceiling is painted, and before any flooring or furniture goes into the room.

That is the best case scenario, but any time is OK. IF furniture is already in the room, and some of the lighter things can be removed… that would be great.

Will you travel to paint a Night Sky Mural?

Absolutely! I love to travel and I’m happy to go anywhere my night sky murals are wanted. And, to be honest, though I am based in Utah, most of my murals are painted out of state, or out of the country. I have painted in almost every state in the USA, I’ve painted in Canada and in the Philippines. And, I have customers wanting me to get to a number of other countries too. The problem is that the farther away a job is, the larger a mural needs to be, or the more jobs I need to set up, in that area, to make traveling there worth the time. But, when it works out I have a blast.

Please give us a call, or fill out the form on the “Contact” page to reach our home office and we will be happy to work out the details with you. We constantly get calls from around the country and world, and we will be happy to either come right out to paint a mural for you or wait until we have a few customers in the same area… which will help to keep costs down.

How much does a Night Sky Mural cost?

A few things go into determining the cost of a mural. Some are:

  • Size of the ceiling to be painted
  • Level of detail that is wanted in the mural
  • Your location – Sometimes it’s just a lot more expensive to work in one area, than it is in another. For example, the east coast is much more expensive to work in than, let’s say, Texas or Wyoming. So, we have to add a little to the price accordingly. The mural costs are always the same, but we usually will have to add a little for the extra fees needed for some areas)

Costs vary with the size and height of the room, as well as with the level of detail you want represented. All of our work is done on commission and each mural is unique; no two are ever the same. We have painted murals for as little as $800 and as high as $12,000. But an average mural, with good detail, will usually cost between $2000-$3000. 
Call or email us today for an estimate. We will do our best to create a mural that will fit into whatever your budget might be… and then we guarantee to deliver a finished project that will exceed your expectations.

How do I set up an installation for a Night Sky Mural?

When you are comfortable with the pricing, timing and you are happy with everything… then it’s just a matter of letting us know that you are ready to book. At that time you will also need to let us know if you need us out there right away, or if you have a couple of months that you can wait.

We try to keep you in the loop, if you are waiting for us to set up a trip to your area… but you can always shoot us an email, text or give us a call if you have any questions.

What advanced preparations do I need to do to get ready for you?

Usually there is not much for you to do to get ready for us, other than to bake a batch of cookies and to make the work area easy for us to move around in. It’s usually as easy as moving a few things and then turning down the temperature in the room (we get very warm when painting in a sealed room and a setting of 65 degrees is NOT too low. Really!).

Furniture along the side of the room is usually OK and we just drape cloths over them and then reach over them to the ceiling and walls. But, if you feel that you will be painting the ceiling within the next few years, we suggest that you do that first, before your Night Sky Mural is painted. It will make a huge difference. The same applies to popcorn ceilings, if you’re going to be replacing it, do it before adding a Night Sky Mural.


A couple of other very important things that I guess I should mention are:

  • Ladder
  • Extra drop cloths for large rooms

Ladder – Since most of our jobs are far from home (an airplane ride away and ladders are hard to fit into luggage), it is very important that there be a ladder available on site. If your ceiling is 12 feet high, a 6-foot ladder will not be tall enough, but an 8 to 10 foot ladder is.

Extra drop cloths – We carry enough drop cloths to cover a good-sized room. But, at times, if there is a lot of furniture to cover, or the room is fairly large, what we can carry on the plane is sometimes not enough, so if you have a few old sheets that you can get to in a pinch, that will be very helpful. We rarely need any extra drop cloths… but it has happened a time or two.

Aren’t All Glow Paints the Same?
  • Not really

There are many different paints on the market, and each manufacturer mixes theirs a little differently from the next company… so while some might seem similar, there really aren’t two that are the same. But, one manufacturer’s paint might work exactly the way one person needs it to, while for another person’s project it may not. The important ingredients of any good glow paint are the pigments that are added to the paint medium… and from what I have seen is that most manufacturers are, for the most part, using high quality pigments. It’s the consistency and invisibility of the mediums that are usually different.

  • We needed something that wasn’t on the market

The paint that we use in our murals is the product of years of research into finding the best possible product available. We tried purchasing the paint from “high end” dealers only to be disappointed. They were either too thick or too runny for our liking. They either didn’t show up well enough in the dark, or they were too bright. They would either be visible on your ceiling when the lights were on… or they didn’t glow well or long enough in the dark. Or, if they did… they would glow the wrong color. We just couldn’t find the right combinations of what we were looking for.

  • Decided to make our own

Finally I decided that if we wanted a paint that would meet our high standards… we would have to make it ourselves. So, together with one of the top faux painters in the country, we probably mixed close to a hundred different combinations of artist gels, gessoes, lacquers, pigmented paints and other products from around the world. The end product is the only paint of its kind in the world that does exactly what we needed it to do.  And once applied, it becomes permanent, non-toxic, washable, and will last for many years. Once dry or set, it will last as long as the wall surfaces to which it is applied. But please don’t miss the point with all of this boring explanation… even though we use really high grade, proprietary paint in our murals, it is the skillful application of that paint that makes the magic.

Can I purchase some of your paint?

If you ask nicely! 🙂 As long as you are not someone who is out trying to copy what I do… and you are just wanting to do a Do-It-Yourself project, then sure. I have also created some high-end DIY stencils, that are amazing, and I send the same paint that we use when painting murals out with those new kits too.

In the video I talk about some other stencils that are on the market. This is no longer necessary because I have created our own Night Sky Murals brand set of stencils that will have you painting murals that are better than most other painters who paint the night sky. They are really that good. So, obviously I will send paint with that kit… and if you want do do multiple rooms with the stencils, then I will sell you extra paint.

What About Craft Store Paints, or Those Sticker Stars?

The difference is astronomical. The luminous substance found in most off-the-shelf products lasts for just a few minutes and loses its brilliance over time. Sticker dots, or stars, are unconvincing and just can’t produce a realistic effect… but many kids love them.

Our trained artists accomplish incredibly realistic murals in just a few hours that might take a novice days or even weeks to research and recreate. The techniques that go into the creation of an original Night Sky Mural are different from anything that we have ever seen.

Will I See Stars on my Ceiling or Walls in the Light?

A Night Sky Mural is nearly undetectable on any neutral surface in normal light. Whites, off whites, pastels of all colors, smooth or textured surfaces show little or no evidence of this remarkable effect until the lights go out.

A dark colored accent ceiling or wall will, most likely, show some of the stars in daylight. If there is a chance of that happening, we can discuss that with you as we email or talk on the phone.

But, just remember… the darker the color of the ceiling, the more likely it will be that you see some of the stars (usually only the largest).

A good, knock-down texture is always good to help hide the stars in the light. Smooth surfaces have a tendency to show some little bumps that the painted stars make.

If you have any concerns, please just ask.

Do you only paint Night Sky Murals in Homes?

Heck no. Besides creating beautiful starry night skies in some of the nicest homes on the planet, we’ve also recreated them in…

  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Motor Coaches
  • Spas
  • Office buildings (employee relaxation rooms)
  • A Cave that connected a swimming pool to the house

Wherever it will get dark enough, we can usually put a night sky up on the ceiling. But, having said that… we do most of our work in homes.

Will you Work with Interior Decorators and Contractors?

Absolutely! We have, and we will be happy to work with interior decorators or contractors or anyone else who wants to recommend us to others. We have the best product to be found and you can be secure in knowing that your clients will be happy with the end results. We strive to make you look good to your clients!

How can I get rid of a mural, if for some reason I don’t want it any longer?



Well, we haven’t ever heard of anyone growing tired of the night sky, but if you really need to get rid of your mural… applying two to three coats of good, quality paint will completely obscure it forever.

Can a Night Sky Mural be painted on any type of ceiling?

Most surfaces that we have been asked to paint on have been great for our murals. We’ve created Night Sky Murals on many types of ceilings…tape & texture, popcorn, acoustic panels, metal, cloth and wood.

Chances are that your ceiling surface is in the range of possibilities.

What about obstacles on my ceiling, such as lights or a fan?

In our experience, almost every ceiling has some type of obstacle… like fans, lights, smoke detectors, ventilation registers…and more. We simple draw these items into the mural by painting stars on them too. Remember that the paint is not visible in the light, so these items look normal when the room is lighted. When the room is dark, these items disappear and blend into the rest of the mural.

What makes Night Sky Murals stand out from other star mural painters?

It has taken over 20 years of painting, listening to customer’s comments, making adjustments, painting more murals, listening to customer’s comments, and then making even more adjustments before we’ve been able to master our highly refined, and elegant, form of art.

I would really not like to get into talking about what anyone else can or can’t do. I will say, however, that actually having painted thousands of murals, personally, has taught Jeff, the owner, how to paint realistic murals of the night sky. That is huge.

There are just things that you pick up, after the 500th mural, that you don’t get after painting only 4 or 5. And again at 800 murals that you just can’t get at 7 or 8 murals. And, having painted a few murals years ago and then teaching others to do the same thing… is not the same as having painted thousands of murals personally, for over 20 years.

Experience is the key. And, if we recommend someone else to paint for you, it will only be people that Jeff has personally trained in his techniques, and then they have proven themselves to Jeff, as to their skill level.

Our customers are constantly impressed with their finished product, and they tell us as much. Visit our Testimonials page to see the many unsolicited comments we have received over the years. When an astronomer, a man whose office truly IS the night sky, tells us how true to life his mural appears, that tells us we’re doing a great job.

I’ve seen other painters use a variation of the Night Sky Murals name. Are they affiliated with you?

In a word: No. The only way to get an official Night Sky Murals artist is to find one on our website or by calling us directly. There are many “painters” who have realized that Night Sky Murals is very popular with people and has a very good reputation, and they try to capitalize on this and capture business using our name or a variation of it. We have found many of them also using our pictures too.

Please, when you are ready to have a mural painted, the easiest way to get an official Night Sky Mural on your ceiling is to get our information from our website. From there you can get our phone number to call us, our email address to email us, or fill out our contact form from there too. If you have any doubts, please give us a call.

Also, unless others also steal out logo… you can look for our logo. We try to put it on most things that we publish. Not all, but most.

Does the color of my ceiling matter?

Yes and no. (To us, no. To you, it might matter)

Here’s the deal. The ceiling color can be whatever color you’d like it to be… and we suggest that you paint the ceiling whatever color you like, and whatever will look best with your room’s decor.

On most ceiling colors, our Night Sky Murals are invisible and won’t be seen in the light. But, just know that the darker the color gets, the more chance there will be that some of the stars will be visible in the light. Most of the visible stars, however, will most likely be stars that make up the constellations… so you might see Orion or the Big Dipper, or something like that. I have never had anyone not be OK with seeing some stars on their ceiling in the light, but that’s mainly because they were told beforehand that it was a possibility.

Something else to think about when choosing your ceiling color… An eggshell to low sheen seems to work the best. We use a matte based medium, but it still has a slight sheen to it.

Possible matte finish problems

Many home theater builders like to use a matte paint. Here’s what I have found out myself, and also heard from customers about a matte finish. Matte finishes have no enamel in them and therefore have almost a chalky characteristic to them. If you ever wipe them down, you will leave streaks on your ceiling. I had a customer tell me that she took a broom to her ceiling to get some cob webs off and ended up with broom streaks on the ceiling. So, be careful.

We’ve learned the hard way that we need to adjust our painting process when we paint on ceilings that have a matte finish. They’re great if you want little to no reflection from a movie screen… but we’ve done many, many home theaters where there was an eggshell finish and the customer was very happy with it.

I did have a painter friend of mine tell me that there might be a matte paint on the market that does have some enamel in it, or something to make it a little harder so it won’t streak.

To review:

Whites to pastels of all colors are the best colors to paint your ceiling, before we arrive, to have the best chance of having an invisible mural in the light.

A dark colored ceiling or wall will, most likely, show some stars in the light.

Are soffits important for putting black lights into?

Soffits are a great way to hide black lights and easily charge up your Night Sky Mural. We have seen a soffit, or two, in a bedroom, but we mostly see them in home theater rooms.

Are they necessary? Not at all.

Do they make things easier? They do.

But, if you are planning on building a soffit to put black lights in… please try to have it come down at least 12” from the ceiling. The distance from the wall isn’t as important as the distance from the ceiling… because you want the light to be low enough, below the ceiling, to project out as far as possible to hit as much paint as it can.

Other options could include:

Instead of soffits for black lights would be to have a black light nearby that you can set in the center of the room for 10 to 15 minutes before putting it away.

Installing a couple UV Black Light, stage, spot lights under your ceiling somewhere that you can aim up at the ceiling.

These options may sound complicated… but they really aren’t. After over 20 years of painting murals… we have seen so many creative ways that our customers have come up with to charge up their paint.

Just ask and we can suggest options.

How can I get a price for a mural (I don’t live close to your office)?

Not a problem. You don’t need to live anywhere close to us to get a quote. We do all of our pricing through emails, text messages and phone calls.

To help us get the most accurate quote to you, we will need the following. If you have these things ready for us when you send us an email, asking for a quote, then that will speed things up. Some of the information that we are asking for is not so much for a quote, but to help us possibly offer suggestions.

We need:

  • Size of the room/ceiling where the mural will be painted?
  • How high is the ceiling?
  • Is it a flat ceiling, or angled. (Please describe if not flat)
  • Color of the ceiling to be painted?
  • Texture that is on the ceiling?
  • Will there be a soffit in the room?
  • How far down is the soffit from the ceiling, and how far out from the wall?
  • How many windows are in the room?
  • Window size(s)?
  • Can your room get cold (for when Jeff paints)?

The first three questions are the most crucial for pricing. The other questions will just make it easy for us to get an idea of your room/ceiling… and possibly offer some suggestions.

Do you have “licensed” painters in many areas?

That sounds like a term that other companies use for people that they teach. The “license” that those other painters have attached to their names means pretty much nothing because the way they get that “license” is by paying extra for it, when they buy a how-to manual from those companies. The problem with that is that you have no idea how good someone can paint, because their credentials are available to anyone who is willing to pay a little extra.

We have trained a few other painters ourselves, and we are planning to begin training more painters in the near future. But, the only way that we will ever refer them to clients, or for you to ever see their names attached to the Night Sky Murals name (or possibly another brand that we will build), is after they have been checked out thoroughly, and after they have shown us, by their actual work, that they can paint the same quality of mural that people have come to expect from Night Sky Murals.

But for now, and for a little while longer, you will only get the founder of Night Sky Murals to paint your murals.

Will LED UV Rope Light charge the paint?

Some will, some won’t. Many rope lights that say they are real UV black lights… are nothing more than colored rope lights that will work about as well as an incandescent light bulb. Or, in other words, they don’t.

There are some UV black rope lights that will charge the paint, but you need to be careful when ordering them.

The most important thing when looking into lighting for glow-in-the-dark star murals is the light spectrum. Light that falls into the 365nm light spectrum is perfect for charging up the paint. Light that is 400-405nm is OK, but it isn’t as good as 365nm light.

You will know if you are looking at real 365nm rope lights by the price. Right now, as I write this answer, real 365nm rope lights will run between $35 – $40 per meter (16 feet), and then you have connections to buy on top of that. Regular 405nm rope lights will cost somewhere around $5 per meter.

For now… we have found nothing better to charge up our murals than good old fashioned tube black lights, or the high wattage black lights that are in black spotlights.

(Update 11-27-19): I wrote about “Rope Lights” above because there really weren’t the newer LED UV strip lights like we have today. So, for charging the glow paint…. stay away from “Rope” lights. LED UV Strip Black Lights are much better for charging the glow paint, and are as good as the black tube lights, but you have to be careful which lights you get. Almost all blacklight tube lights will work, but that’s not the case with blacklight UV LED strip lights. Again, as mentioned above, for the lights to work the best they are going to cost you between $35-$40 per meter (16 feet).

If you have questions about lights, please contact me before you spend a lot of money on them. I’ve found some that I know will work, but I might be able to save you some grief if you contact me before you place your order. I also have a couple suppliers who offer my customers a discount, and I’m looking into having some lights on hand too (not much, but some).

What are the best lights for charging the glow paint?

I’ve touched on this when answering other questions, but in case you haven’t looked through all of the questions, let me answer this again.

Black lights are the best source of light, as of right now, to charge the glow paint. It lets off 365nm light, which is perfect for charging our paint.

Most customers who chose to go the black tube light route will either get a 4 foot light to place in the center of their room to charge the mural, or they will install a soffit, around their ceiling, and put black lights up in there, all the way around the room. You really don’t need that many black lights to charge the paint, but it does create a nice effect in the room with all of those black lights turned on.

Black light, rope light – These are a good source of light as long as it is in the 365 to 400nm light spectrum. The 365nm rope lights are much more expensive than the 400nm lights, and they are also much better to charge the paint. But, the 400 – 405nm rope lights will work. Good lights, that will work, will run around $35-$40 per meter. (16 feet).

Black light, stage, spot lights – These are powerful black lights and work very well. A couple of these lights shining up, on your ceiling will be almost as good as black lights placed all the way around your room.

(Update 11-27-19): I wrote about “Rope Lights” above because there really weren’t the newer LED UV strip lights like we have today. So, for charging the glow paint…. stay away from “Rope” lights. LED UV Strip Black Lights are much better for charging the glow paint and are as good as the black tube lights, but you have to be careful which lights you get. Almost all blacklight tube lights will work, but that’s not the case with blacklight UV LED strip lights. Again, as mentioned above, for the lights to work the best they are going to cost you between $35-$40 per meter (16 feet).

If you have questions about lights, please contact me before you spend a lot of money on them. I’ve found some that I know will work, but I might be able to save you some grief if you contact me before you place your order. I also have a couple of suppliers who offer my customers a discount, and I’m looking into having some lights on hand too (not much, but some).

Will the light from a projector or TV affect the mural?

Yes it does. Just as city lights wash out the beautiful star-filled night sky that is around us all the time, the same thing happens with projector light, or any other light that gets into a room.

So that clients can still see some stars while a movie is playing, we have created a special paint that will also fluoresce under a black light.

Fluorescing is different from glowing. The fluorescing attribute takes place when a black light is turned on… which causes the paint to glow brightly. But, that paint stops fluorescing once the black lights are turned off.

But, when the black lights are turned off and the paint stops fluorescing… the paint will then glow (on it’s own) as long as the room is dark.

So, again, yes the projector light will affect the mural, but you can turn on the black lights to cause a good number of the stars to fluoresce.

Then, once the movie is over, leave all of the lights off, sit back and enjoy the peaceful, romantic mural in total darkness as it glows for hours. We’ve had many clients tell us that they’ve thrown sleeping bags out on the floor of a home theater room and camped out in there. Or, their kids have had sleepovers under the night sky.

We’ve also had many customers tell us that they have friends who will come over and ask to just sit in the theater room, without even putting a movie on. Many customers will do the same. The beauty of that is that you are getting so much more out of a theater room (or any room, really).

Are there Travel Expenses?

If a client is in a hurry and needs us out there right away, and doesn’t mind paying for the travel expenses… then will do whatever we can to get out there on your schedule.

If, on the other hand, there isn’t a huge rush, and you don’t mind waiting a month or two (sometimes three), then we like to line up other jobs close by so that we can combine multiple jobs on a trip. If we can do that, then we can usually cover most, if not all of the travel. Sometimes there still might be a little extra cost, if we have to go out of our way… but it is usually minimal.

I heard that room temperature matters when painting a mural. Is that true?

Jeff paints his best murals in temperatures between 65 and 68 degrees. Just one of those things.

Can I watch Jeff paint?

Sure, for the price that he charges to train people to paint… yes. Otherwise, we’d ask that you stay far enough away to allow us to work freely, yet close enough in case we have questions (texting is considered close by).

One of the best reasons to not watch the painting process is so that when you see the mural for the first time… all of the magic that goes along with the mural is there. Trust us when we say, if you have no clue what to expect and you see the mural for the first time once it’s finished, it will be amazing. Somehow watching us paint takes the magic away from the mural.

When and How do I pay?

Once we have everything figured out and decided upon (design, travel, timing) we like to send out a Deposit Request for a small percentage of the total (usually between 15 – 25%). We use PayPal for these deposits, and there is no need to have a PayPal account to pay with a Credit Card through our PayPal request.

Then, once the job is completed, we prefer to be paid the balance by cash or check before we leave.

The painting trips can get fairly pricy and having to wait to get paid can cut into our ability to service everyone the way we’d like to.

Do you offer discounts? Is the price negotiable?

Not usually. We have tried to price our murals fairly for both our clients and for us… and we try to stick as close to our pricing as possible. But, it doesn’t hurt to at least ask.  There have been one or two win-win barter negotiations that have taken place… so nothing is impossible.

How can I get the most out of my Night Sky Mural?

To get the most out of a Night Sky Mural you will want to be sure of a couple of things. They are…

Dark room – This is probably the most important thing to really enjoying one of our murals. Remember, our murals act just like a real night sky… and any light pollution that gets into your room will wash out some of the stars. A little light will wash out a small amount of stars. A lot of light will wash out a lot of the stars, and in some cases all of the stars.

Good light source – We’ve touched on this some… but a good source of black light, or fluorescent light is very important to charging your mural up to it’s peak level so that it will glow for hours. We like to suggest black lights because they don’t affect your eyes as much as white, fluorescent light will… so your eyes can start adapting to the dark while charging the paint with a black light. White lights will cause your pupils to close up and it might take up to 10 or 15 minutes to see most of the stars or Milky Way that are in the mural.