Below are pictures that I’ve taken over the years… or that customers sent me.  Please click on a picture to open each gallery.

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BASIC NIGHT SKY MURAL – In the light, the Dark… then split


CALIFORNIA – HOME THEATER – Great ceiling to work on. The customer sent me these pictures and it’s the first time that I realized that we really could get pictures of the actual murals.


AMARILLO, TX – GAME ROOM – The beam in this picture is 22 feet up, the ceiling 24 feet. I had to stand on the top of a 16 foot ladder to get this painted… in the dark. Never again!


NORTH CAROLINA – SMALLER, SKYLIGHT MURAL – A ceiling doesn’t need to be large to have a mural painted on it. This was a small section of a larger ceiling. It turned out beautifully.


FLORIDA – LONG & NARROW CEILING MURAL – Another section of the ceiling that was painted, and turned out really nice. In the dark it looks like a window into space.


Ohio – Barrel Ceiling – This was a fun ceiling to paint. The homeowner cut out the flat, center section of his master bedroom ceiling and put in a half barrel. Because of the dark color of the ceiling, you can see some of the larger stars that were painted, mostly constellation stars. Can you pick out the constellations?


UTAH THEATER ROOM – Theater room ceiling taken with a fisheye lens


VARIOUS HOME THEATERS – A few theater ceilings I’ve painted around the country


SEATTLE BOY’S AND TURRET ROOMS –  This was a fun job, both because the weather was nice and because the turret room was different from most murals I get to paint. (I will break the two rooms up into two different gallery boxes.)

      Boy’s inset

      Turret – (The last picture in this series is way over exposed. It was an accident, but it’s nice in a weird way.)

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