June 30

2 Testimonials – From a Navy Seal and another Navy vet.


I have the greatest customers in the world. I have truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of them… and there is one group that I admire greatly for what they have done, and are doing. They are those who have served in the armed forces. They are giants in my eyes and I am honored to be able to share my talents with them. (I hold Police, Fire and EMT’s in similar regard)

But, I am even more honored when they take the time to write and tell me what they think of my mural… and what it’s meant to them.

Let me share a couple that I have received.

“I have read a couple of reviews about your company, Night Sky Murals, and it seems that everyone that has written a review has had the same problem that I have, as none of them come close to an accurate description of the majestic visual experience you get by simply walking into a room. 

In a previous occupation, I spent hundreds of nights per year under the stars, (as a Navy Seal) and the mural on the ceiling brings back some of my favorite memories. I can’t believe how real it looks. It’s just like the most majestic, perfect night sky. Everyone that sees it gets lost in the thousands of stars that are there and it seems as though you can keep looking deeper and deeper into space the longer spend in the room. 

The amount of time and attention that was spent to create this inexpressible product makes it worth every penny.

 __ __ __ __ __

Now from the second great American – He wrote to agree with what a couple of other Navy servicemen had written about their murals.

“Jeff, as a Navy vet myself (Destroyer Squadron 10, USS Spruance DD 963), I can also attest to what was said by Jason and the Navy Seal. A moonless night sky from a darkened ship in the middle of a pitch dark ocean is truly spectacular!. I recall especially the stunning, crystal-clear skies north of the Arctic circle. 

I suppose it’s not possible, but I wish I could find a spot reasonably close to home with a view of something like those. Maybe farther out in the country on a secluded mountain top… 

But, come to think of it though, the mural that you painted in our home gives us a beautiful and inspiring view without even needing to leave the house.”

What can I say? I am humbled and grateful that my murals helped to bring back great memories. May you have many more!


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A Tale of Two Customers…
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