And enjoy the Great Outdoors whenever you'd like, because it's just down the hall


Before, During or After the movie


There's nothing like drifting off to sleep under a beautiful night sky


They'll actually look forward to bedtime with no nightlights

If Life Doesn't Allow You To Get OUT THERE as Often As You'd Like...

We totally understand, and you can still get lost under thousands of twinkling stars with one of our star ceilings 


Let a star ceiling by Night Sky Murals serve as the foundation for your inspiration, your creativity, and your much-deserved escape.


Constellations, thousands of smaller 3D stars, and the Milky Way stretching across the sky (your ceiling), are all meticulously painted by master craftsmen.

Once on your ceiling, just sit back, look up, and be instantly transported to your happy place.


Immerse yourself in art that speaks to you on a deep, revitalizing level as you surround yourself with awe-inspiring beauty


Step out of the box and bring inspiration, awe, and childlike excitement into your daily life


Bring nature's beauty inside your home for a magical way to relax and connect with family and friends

Your Own Interstellar Experience 

The personalized nature of Night Sky Murals, whether we paint it for you (or you paint it yourself with one of our DIY Guides) knows no bounds; each can be custom-created so that it is truly reflective of our client's personal taste. 

One Of Those Days

Imaging Unplugging in One Of These Rooms

Home Theaters

Home Theaters are perfect places for a Night Sky Mural because they are already built to be dark. Your theater then doubles as an intimate place for family and friends to gather together to share old memories or to create new ones. 

Kid's Rooms

No longer will your little ones have to wait for the planets to align for you to take them camping or out to see a beautiful remote night sky.

They can now set their imaginations free as they camp out, just down the hall. (Check out what this dad did for his daughter)


"Best Parent" Award goes to you. Yay!

Master Bedrooms

The Night Sky Murals experience creates a dramatic, romantic, and emotional mood through the serenity that is only had from viewing a breathtaking night sky. It really is an unforgettable experience that stirs the soul.”

Ideal In Most Rooms

Perfect For Everyone


Experience the wonders of an expansive universe overhead when the room is dark. In the light it disappears just like the real night sky does at dawn.

Your Night Sky Mural truly is a hidden secret just waiting to be revealed.

"There are countless stars to see in the cosmos... definitely more than ten."

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My daughters, upon seeing one of the most beautiful and remote night skies during a road trip, said to me… “Dad, this looks just like my bedroom ceiling!” 

Gabi & Sofi  //  During road trips to Moab, UT and the Central Coast of CA

What Some of Our Customer's Have Mentioned...

Instantly Transported...

"It's feels like going from a crowded room to an empty field almost instantly."

A Nice Break...

"You forget all about your problems, even for a little while. It's a nice mental break!"

Reminiscent Of My Youth

"It takes me back to when we'd go camping long ago. It brings back such good memories!"

Zen-like state...

"Whenever I'm under my night sky star ceiling, I feel peaceful, relaxed, in awe, and in a Zen-like state! That's exactly what I need after a long shift seeing patients at the hospital."

Time with the family...

"We camp as a family under our night sky, or we just hang out and talk there. The atmosphere that it creates is simply amazing. It's a perfect substitute for those times we can't get out and enjoy the real thing."

No bugs or inclement weather...

"It's like being out under the real night sky, just without the bugs and unpredictable weather, while comfortably nestled in my own bed."

Eavesdrop on a voice message from a customer who just returned home and saw his mural for the first time...

Your Own Night Sky in 3 Simple Steps


Get in Touch - Just shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll give you a quote once we get a little information from you about your room(s).


Set It Up - Once you say "Let's Do This!" - we'll set up a time to show up and paint your mural(s) for you. (This would be a great time to start practicing your oohs and awes!)


Enjoy it - On the agreed upon date, we'll show up and paint your very own night sky for you to enjoy for years to come. You'll wonder how you ever lived without a dark night sky for so long.

Words can’t express how pleased I am with the results of your work.  It makes me feel like I am back in the mountains laying under the stars and I still can’t believe that I get to enjoy this every night!  

I had a fiber optic night sky in a home in the past but this is far superior for realism and is beyond what my expectations were going into it. I’m still without words to express the giddiness it gives me.

Tim N. - New Orleans, LA

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(Evening at Grandma's Farm) 

Imagine that it is midnight on a moonless night and you are at the edge of town. There is nothing ahead of you for hundreds of miles that is causing light pollution. You put your car in gear and head 5 - 10 miles out of town.

Slowly, you ease your car over to the side of the highway, onto some gravel, and get out of the car. As you get out and look up at the sky above you, you are amazed that there are so many stars above your head, and by squinting you can almost make out the Milky Way stretching its way across the sky. The first word that comes to your mind is... "Nice!"


(Midnight at Summer Camp)

After enjoying that vision for a few minutes you get back into your car and drive another 20 miles down the road. Again, you ease the car over to the side of the road, get out, and look up. Twenty miles back you thought the scene was “nice.” But now, "nice" just doesn’t do this scene any justice. No, the only thing you can think of as you gaze into this beautiful star-filled night sky, with many more visible stars and the now more-obvious Milky Way, is...  "Whoa!"


(227 Miles From the Last Flickering Lamp Post)

At this point in your drive, you seriously doubt that the night sky could get any better than what you witnessed at your last stop… yet you venture on. 

On this leg of your trek, you exit the highway and drive to that far off mountain peak that you can barely see in the distance. As you park and then exit your vehicle you notice that the air is thin and crisp, and there's not a bit of light, anywhere, that is affecting your view from here. You take one step out of the car and immediately stop dead in your tracks. 

Never have you seen so many stars. Some even seem close enough to reach out and touch, while others seem so distant that you can barely even see them. You stand there frozen; enveloped in the scene before you. Words just can’t do it justice. Time stands still and you are left momentarily breathless. 

Off in the distance a wolf howls.

AND... For You DIY'ers

Night Sky Murals has put over twenty years of experience into our DIY guides, so that almost anyone can create their own, professional-quality night sky... on the first try.

The mural below was painted by a customer who used one of our DIY Guides

A DIY Customer's Experience

My husband looked at the kit and was totally expecting a "Pinterest Fail," but when I finished the mural in the guest room, he wanted me to paint our bedroom.