Bring a Mountain-Top Starry Night Sky into Your Home with Night Sky Murals!

Man's Endless Romance With The Stars Used To Be Restricted Only To The Great Outdoors.

Invite those starry nights indoors with a Night Sky Mural on your ceiling

Watch a Movie   *   Recline & Stargaze   *   Awesome Sleepovers

The Magic of Time-Lapse Art

(5 hours in only 11 seconds)

Have you ever been awestruck by a distant night sky? Well, that's the inspiration behind Night Sky Murals – bringing that wonder into your home.

Celestial Elegance

Elevate Any Room into a Luxurious Oasis with an Exclusive Night Sky Mural

Let the Kids Camp Under the Stars and Watch Their Minds Soar!

"I had two large murals painted, one in my home theater and one in my bedroom. Definitely worth the money, even better results than I expected."

Palmer Luckey - CA

(Oculus Rift)

"Just wanted to let you know that the stars are brilliant and brilliantly done! This may sound crazy, but since the stars have been in there, my 18 month old son does not fight bedtime."

Chris R. - Sandy, UT

Simple and easy.

Even the world's fastest-talking woman, Fran Capo, was left speechless

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Fattening, Illegal, or Immoral

"Never have I spent this kind of money on anything that I've enjoyed this much that wasn't either Fattening, Illegal, or Immoral"

Michael Lovingood

A clear night sky, even during a downpour...

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"This art speaks to me on a deep, revitalizing level.

My mind feels rebooted after only 30 minutes of stargazing."


"Whenever my mind feels wound up and ready to explode, my night sky mural brings inspiration, and childlike excitement back."


"We've had so much fun just sitting under our night sky, with family and friends, and just talking."

Your Own Inner-Stellar Experience! 

Imaging Unplugging in One Of These Rooms

Home Theaters

Night Sky Murals are great in Home Theaters, where the darkness perfectly showcases the mural. Turn your theater into a cozy gathering spot for family and friends to reminisce or create new memories.

Kid's Rooms

A Night Sky Mural at home means your kids can camp and stargaze whenever they want... just down the hall. Their imaginations will run wild!

 (Check out what this dad did for his daughter)

"Best Parent Award" goes to you. Yay!

Master Bedrooms

Night Sky Murals turn any space into an emotionally charged haven inspired by the breathtaking night sky, creating an unforgettable, soul-stirring experience.

- Ideal In Most Rooms -

* Perfect For Everyone *


Experience the wonders of an expansive universe overhead when the room is dark. In the light it disappears just like the real night sky does at dawn.

Your Night Sky Mural is a hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered.

Eavesdrop on a voice message from a customer who just returned home and saw his mural for the first time...

My daughters, on seeing the most beautiful night skies, each on separate road trips, said to me… Dad, this looks just like my bedroom ceiling!” 

Gabi - Central Cal Coast

Sofi - Moab, UT 

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We’ll start with a chat – by phone, email, or text. Once you feel that we're a match, we'll personalize your night sky to you and your home.


Once the design is set to amaze, we'll work behind the scenes to bring the enchantment to life. Finally, we'll unveil your very own captivating night sky.


The moment is here! No camping gear or kids to round up. Just switch off the lights and step into your private starry escape, day or night, no matter the weather.

I’m Ready to Scale Ladders for Your Dream Night Sky Mural!

Painting a shooting star in a star ceiling

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(At Grandma's Farm)

Picture this: It's midnight, moonless night, on the outskirts of town. You drive 10 miles away, park by the highway, and step out. Gazing up, you're awed by countless stars and the Milky Way. Your first reaction? "Nice!"


(Midnight at Summer Camp)

After relishing that sight, you return to your car, drive another 20 miles. Once more, you pull over, step out, and look up. The scene that was "nice" twenty miles back doesn't suffice now. As you gaze at this starry expanse, the term "Whoa!" is all that comes to mind.


(227 Miles From the Last Flickering Lamp Post)

At this point in your journey, you can't imagine a better night sky than before, but again, you venture on. Soon, you reach a mountaintop with thin, non-light-polluted air. Words fail to capture the view. It's a sensation within. Time stands still, and you're left breathless. 

Off in the distance, a wolf howls.

And now... for you DIY'ers

Night Sky Murals has put over twenty years of experience into our DIY guides, so that almost anyone can create their own, professional-quality night sky... on the first try.

This mural was painted by a customer using one of our DIY Kits

A DIY Customer's Experience

"My husband looked at the kit and was totally expecting a 'Pinterest Fail,' but when I finished the mural in the guest room, he wanted me to paint our bedroom."