About Me

Jeff Stewart has helped thousands of people easily enjoy the calming, serene, awe-inspiring beauty of the night sky on ceilings in their homes, without the need to drive for hours out into the country. 

Jeff’s insatiable love for the night sky was the driving force behind what forced him to dive in and figure out the techniques needed to recreate a realistic, rural, night sky on ceilings in his home. In time, he did learn to recreate a beautiful country night sky where he, his family and friends could gather under them as if under a real star-filled night sky. As an added benefit, he now had a hideaway where he could escape to, for even a few minutes, when he needed to relax or recharge his mental and creative batteries. That’s when friends started asking him if he would help them have the same calming star ceiling in their homes too.

As years went by, and the murals just kept getting better and better, Jeff was asked to paint his Night Sky Murals around the world for some of this planet’s wealthiest people. His friends still shake their heads when he tells them where he’s just returned from, or who he’s recently painted for. Come on, the rich and famous love the night sky too. 

Once you understand that you can have the same awe-inspiring, relaxing and peaceful view from the comfort of your own bed whether the weather is good or bad outside, whether the moon is full and right above you in the sky, or even if you live in the most light-polluted city, you might just wonder how you lived without it for so long. We’ve even had CEO’s of large companies tell us that turning out the lights in their room and looking out deep into space, while in the comfort of their own home is something that they look forward to every day. We totally get that!

In the early years of Night Sky Murals, Jeff painted for a husband who was excited for a night sky in his home, but the wife wasn’t. They’d agreed that he could have “his mural” in a guest room. Once Jeff took the couple in to see the night sky (in the guess room), it was the wife who asked if he had time to paint one in their master bedroom too. He did. He ended up painting 4 rooms in their home, and it was the skeptical wife who asked for the additional three.

We’d love to help you find the peace and relaxation in your home, too, that only comes from the night sky.