About Me (at least a little)

If you love the stars like I do, then I can bet that you’ve (at least once) eased your car over to the side on some dark, desert highway, on a moonless night, gotten out to sit on the hood of your car, and just stared out into space. 

 Or, maybe it as along a dark stretch of coastal highway, or while traveling over a dark mountain pass (like Truckee, CA where I saw one of the most amazing night skies) Anyway, you get my point, right? If you can totally relate, then you’re at the right place.

 I’ll plan long road trips so that I can be between cities late at night… just to be able to pull over and lose myself in the canopy of stars.

 My insatiable love for the night sky began when I was 8 years old and camping in the redwoods in California. The night sky that I saw that night is still difficult to describe. At first it startled me (because I’d never seen anything like it), but soon enough, the fear left me and I lay there it total 8-year-old wonder. I still get that same “8-year-old wonder” whenever I see a similar night sky. 

 I didn’t know it then, but some 30 years later, the night sky that I saw that night would drive me to buy some glow in the dark paint and force myself to learn how to paint one over my bed, so that I could enjoy it every night, not only when I was camping or on a long drive, on a dark night.

 Night Sky Murals was finally born. After years of forcing myself to learn how to recreate a realistic night sky (it took a while), what I learned would eventually take me around the world painting star-filled night skies for other star lovers like me. 

 I’ve also had the pleasure of painting for some really sick kids with the Make-A-Wish, and, I’ve painted for some of the wealthiest people on the planet. It didn’t matter who it was that I painted for, I knew that we all had a real love for one of life’s most amazing sights… the night sky.

 A real “dark” night sky is definitely the best! A painted star ceiling, when done right, is definitely second best!

 Well, that’s a quick little bit about me and how Night Sky Murals got started. Please feel free to write and ask me questions on having a ceiling painted, about our DIY Kits, or even if you just need some tips on painting your own. You can also find a lot of tips over on my YouTube channel. If you don’t see something answered there… please send me an email with your question.

 Now, one way or another, get out and enjoy a beautiful night sky, or get inside and enjoy a beautiful, and realistic, star ceiling.