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This was one of my favorite murals to paint (because I knew that he was doing this for his daughter as a surprise)

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Far from the comforts of home...I have the greatest customers in the world. I have truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know all

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Star ceiling – Fiber optics vs Painted. A star ceiling is a definite plus for any Home Theater, Bedroom, B&B, RV, Relaxation room,

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So, I arrived in Penn Station on a really nice day in New York City as I dragged my tool bag behind me.

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Jeff fell in love with the night sky when he was 8 years old and he saw his first “real” night sky while camping in the redwoods of California with his family.

For the last 20+ years he has strived to create for himself, and others, the same amazing night skies that he enjoys when out in far away, remote locations.

“Please buy his murals and DIY Kits, He owes people money.”

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