Thanks For The Reviews Everyone!

5-star rating

I had two large murals painted, one in my home theater and one in my bedroom. Definitely worth the money, even better results than I expected.

Palmer Luckey - CA

I cannot express the total awe and amazement the mural has produced. We
absolutely love it. When we walked in the room the first time, words could
not describe what we saw. It was so incredible.

I have a sound machine that has crickets chirping and having that on at the
same time we are looking at the mural, it is like we are outside in the
Summer. This will really come in handy during those long Utah winter nights.

Thank you so much!

Kevin K - Deer Valley, UT

Jeff, Tonight was the first night for my daughter to see her new Night Sky Mural. When I picked her up today she asked me, again, about going to the store to buy some glow-in-the-dark stars. I told her that we might do it tomorrow after school if she really wanted to.

While she was watching a cartoon before bedtime, I charged up her ceiling really well. Then, I turned her bedroom lights on, so she couldn’t see the mural, and told her it was bedtime.

After she came into the room and crawled into bed, I asked her to pull the covers up over her head and to close her eyes. I then turned off her bedroom lights and sat down on the floor next to her bed (she still had the covers over her head), and I asked her to imagine what the sky would look like if we were out camping and looking up into the stars. We talked about that for a few minutes and then I told her to pull the sheets down from over her head.

As she was pulling the sheets down she was still talking to me… but then stopped mid-sentence. She was very quite for about ten seconds and then she said “Daddy, do you see this?!” It was dark and I couldn’t see her expression, but the wonderment in her voice told the story.

She got out of bed and we laid on our backs, looking up at the night sky, for about an hour. She was so excited as she pointed things out to me. She kept saying how much she loved it and couldn’t wait to tell all her friends and family about it.

When I finally insisted she get back into bed to get some sleep she said “Daddy, please don’t turn my night light on. I want to look at the stars until I fall asleep”. I have a feeling she will never want to use her night light again.

Thanks Jeff, you made my daughter a very happy little girl. She said she will never forget tonight. Neither will I…

Chris - Bakersfield

I've  gotta say that’s the 1st time I have ever seen that effect period. I am amazed at how beautiful it can look when done properly. Very nicely done.

Customer - NY

Just got back from the newest US Navy aircraft carrier, the USS George H. W. Bush. I witnessed the most AMAZING spectacle of my life during night ops. – a moonless, pitch-dark night revealing the entire Milky Way and countless stars. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen... I wish I had my camera on me. Thought I'd share that Night Sky Murals truly captures this stunning realism.

Jason H. - CA

“Our boy went to bed last night at 8:30. I woke him up at 5:30 to drive his dad to work, and his ceiling looked just as beautiful!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that his ceiling was still brightly illuminated.

Now that's a job well-done!

Tonight when we turned the lights out, he said under his breath, ‘Stars...I love you’.

I kid you not, the whole ceiling paid for itself for the millionth time over.

You truly have an amazing gift. It not only teaches, it's also beautiful to look at.”

Signed… A Customer from Texas

Jeff, The night sky takes on a mesmerizing quality under black lights, yet the real magic lies in experiencing the stars in their natural brilliance.

People who've seen our mural repeatedly express that, with time, they feel transported to the heart of a desert or the heights of mountains.

When we are watching a movie in our new home theater, the "authentic" night sky is washed out by the movie light (light polution). So, many times we will leave the black lights on during the movie, for effect; then later, after the movie is over, we’ll turn off all of the lights and admire the awesome night sky.

It really is quite spectacular, especially because the sky area is so large, and the dark soffit around the perimeter of the theater gives you the sensation of being outside in a plaza like area on a dark summer night.

Your art work is quite remarkable. Thanks again Jeff.

John - Calif.

Jeff, I told you when you were here that this was “the first time that I’ve ever spent this kind of money on something that I’ve enjoyed this much… that wasn’t either fattening, illegal, or immoral.”

I still feel that way. You did an incredible job!

Michael L. - Valencia, CA

Incredible! I wish you could have witnessed our reactions last night.

I didn’t mean to rush you out of the house yesterday; apologies for that. But it was important to get you out before my wife got really nosey 🙂 After you left, she was like a bloodhound on a trail looking everywhere for what went on while she was gone.

Yesterday, I picked up a 4-foot shop light with black light tubes. When I switched it on, the stars came alive – and it was amazing! Before bedtime, I "charged" the paint for about 10 minutes before my wife came in to bed. When I turned off the light; there, right above us, the night sky slowly appeared. The depth of stars was beyond words. My wife was left speechless, and I was utterly amazed. The true magic happens at night, in complete darkness.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. I’m glad there’s someone out there with your talent to create such beauties. Hope you enjoyed/are-enjoying your road trip.

Phil - Ohio

It all began last fall when Bill and I vacationed in Acadia National Park on the remote coast of Maine. On those clear autumn nights, the starry skies over Acadia were simply dazzling. One particularly dark and moonless night, we stood together on the beach looking up at a gorgeous Milky Way that seemed to stretch from horizon to horizon. We had never seen it that intense before. It was take-your-breath-away beautiful and romantic. We wished we could remember, forever, just exactly how the sky looked and felt that night. When I came across Jeff’s web site, weeks later at home, I was thrilled that I might have found a way to capture the feeling of that memorable October night in Maine.

It’s been a few months now since Jeff flew out to the Cleveland area to transform our boring bedroom ceiling. He filled it with layer upon layer of twinkling stars, highlighted by a glorious Milky Way. We even have a delicate crescent moon glowing in one corner. For the full effect, we draw the shades and charge up our stars by simply laying a black light on the bed for about 10 minutes at bedtime. The effect is absolutely astonishing in a 3-D sort of way. It looks like you can just reach right out and touch the stars. In fact, it looks like you can reach right INTO them. It’s hard to explain it. You don’t just see Jeff’s stars….you FEEL them!

At night, when we gaze up at our stars, it’s easy to imagine that a huge hole was cut out of our ceiling, right through the roof, and that we are laying in bed but gazing at the actual sky above our house. Can you imagine that? The illusion is even more complete now that summer is here and the sounds of crickets and wind chimes come through the open windows. We find ourselves transported in time to our happiest stargazing memories from over the years: holding hands on that starlit beach in Maine, laying on the hood of our car to count the shooting stars in Big Sur, sleeping under the Milky Way in an open pasture in Montana, camping under the dazzling sky of the Oregon Coast. We drift off to sleep feeling peaceful and content.

Jeff is a real pleasure to work with. He is fun, engaging, talented and professional. It’s clear from his enthusiasm that he genuinely enjoys what he’s doing and loves being able to provide this unique product to people who appreciate it. We so enjoyed our brief visit with him, and were delighted to find out that he actually signed this original work of art on our ceiling, but in a way that you can only see it when the black light is on.

Our heartfelt thanks to you, Jeff, for making it possible for us to “sleep out under the stars” every night of the year!

Peggy - Peninsula, OH


(A follow-up email from Peggy)

All day I worried that, without you here, I might not be able to recreate the same results that you did when I turned out the lights to see your mural.

Then, tonight while I was out with my girlfriend I told her all about your mural at dinner. Then when we got home I charged the paint for the first time myself. After about 5 mins I took my friend into the room with the lights on, etc, (the same routine you had done for me the first time). The stars were so amazing! (I did it!!) She literally gasped when she opened her eyes.

I laid next to her, and then Bill came in and squeezed onto the bed as well, and the three of us laid there star gazing and reminiscing about places we’ve been to where the stars looked like your mural.

We all agreed that it feels like you could reach up and THROUGH the stars, as if there is no flat, solid ceiling there at all!

Thank you so much!

The murals are incredible! Sleeping under the stars was a dream come true. Despite total  exhaustion that first night, I couldn't stop staring up at the stars. I really was sleepless in Seattle (well, down the road a few miles, at least)! I think I finally dozed off around 1:30 AM. The next morning was a challenge, but the experience was absolutely worth it.

Wendy, my sister, has slept without her TV on for two nights straight – a first in 15 years. She loves it! And you know Kim, my sister-in-law, does too. She really wishes now that she would have had her room painted also. Now I can say “I told you so!!”

Having you here was a pleasure. You’re great and the murals are even better than we expected. You truly can’t explain them to people in a way that would do them justice. You just have to experience them

Now, Mike is contemplating all the places he'd like to have the night sky.

Many thanks,

Crista - Seattle, WA

Thank you so much! It is unbelievable, and your efforts show. I seriously can not thank you enough. I appreciate all you have done and for your patience with all the questions.

The stars in our ceiling mural were charged up when we got home, and we waited the 10 minutes that you suggested to allow our eyes to adapt to the dark room. When we finally opened our eyes it was breath-taking!

You’re right, no photo can do it justice.

You might not consider yourself to be an artist, but in fact you are. The love and care and intensity you put into the application is the art. It’s not the phosphorestent paint, it’s the painter.

Thank you again!

Tracy - Plano, TX

Thank you so much for the great Night Sky Murals in our boy’s, and also our girl’s rooms.

We have found ourselves spending so much time in one of their rooms looking at the stars that we want you to come back out as soon as possible to do our Master bedroom.

We have shown the rooms to all of our friends and family and they all just love them. I love to hear their reactions as I turn out the lights and they see the night sky above them.

Mike & Catherine - Sacramento, CA

As a fellow Navy veteran (Destroyer Squadron 10, USS Spruance DD 963), I wholeheartedly agree with the Navy Seal. The sight of a moonless night sky from a darkened ship in the pitch-black ocean is mesmerizing. I cherish memories of the clear skies above the Arctic circle. I dream of finding a local spot with a similar view – maybe a secluded countryside mountaintop.

Your painted mural brings that breathtaking view to our home.

Tom H. - NC

My husband went to Florida in late August 2006 to fulfill a life dream to see the space shuttle launch. The launch was repeatedly delayed and it looked as though he would miss it.

While perusing online, a 'night sky murals' link immediately caught my eye. Instantly captivated, I knew I wanted to infuse our bedroom with this enchantment. Despite the company's Utah base and our location in Michigan, I coordinated with the artist to transform our 11' x 11' ceiling. On our 21st anniversary, during my husband's work hours, the artist worked his magic, devoting just 5 hours to the project and meticulously ensuring complete coverage.

When finished, he called me in to the totally dark room to see the finished product. I was speechless. The effect is a fully 3-dimensional, cloudless night sky, complete with the Milky Way, and some of our favorite constellations. The stars are so realistic that I keep expecting to see airplanes fly over in the dark.

For a week I’d been telling my husband that I was having something done to the house as a surprise for him. When he got home that night, I led him into the fully lit bedroom and said “Ta Da!” He was totally confused, as everything looked the same. I kept asking “Don’t you see it? Can’t you see it?”

I gave him a heavy satin eye mask, meant for sleeping during the day. I told him to put it on and lie down on the bed. After he did so, I turned off the lights and waited until my own eyes adjusted to the dark so I could see all the stars, even the smallest ones. Then I told him to take off the mask and put his glasses on before he opened his eyes.

He was speechless too!

Kathy - Lincoln Park, MI

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the Night Sky that you did for us. It is so beautiful and we have had so many compliments on it. My son gets so excited to show his friends. He will run upstairs to “warm up’ (charge up) the stars before he invites them up.

My son and I like to camp out “under the stars” in the room that has the mural and my son said that it really was like camping ~ only better ~ because there are no mosquitoes!

I had told my husband (who was away on business) that I was going to have a mural painted and he wasn’t too happy. He thought I was going to go crazy and paint up our new house with crazy stars and planets. When he arrived home, later that week, he thought that I had changed my mind because he couldn’t see anything on the ceiling. Then the night came and he saw the mural glowing and was very impressed.

So we are four happy customers under one roof. What a wonderful idea! Thank you!

Sandra - Lehi, UT

I replied to an ad. that I had seen for Night Sky Murals… and this is what happened:

(My triplets (2 years old) are fascinated with the “stars at night” – so I thought I’d check this company out)

I e-mailed Jeff and he responded quickly. To my luck he was going to be in Dallas for a Home show. Out of curiosity, I wanted to go check it out, knowing that “if” it were something cute and neat I may want to consider having one painted in my home. I must admit that in my mind I was thinking about those stick-on stars that glow, or maybe they were offering a new and improved kind of glow stickers or something. YOU ARE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE! No stickers! All painted by hand! EXCELLENT! Like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Great story cut short… We met and I was amazed at his display at the Dallas Home Show. We agreed to make an appointment for him to “give us the stars”.

Jeff just left my home this afternoon and we, (myself, my husband and the “trio”) have been “camping out” in their room ever since… literally. They love their mural and so do we — I told Jeff that we may want to switch rooms with the kids.

I CAN TESTIFY…. although I’d gone to the home show and had already seen his work, when he finished today… I was left speechless; stunned in amazement at how awesome it looks. My brother-in-law (who is a man of few words) was stunned and couldn’t wait to tell me, before I even saw the mural myself, how “incredible” it was; that “it was definitely something to see” and how he had never seen anything like it… ever”. My nephew said it was the coolest thing he has seen and now wants to sleep in my kid’s room, with them, when he visits so that he can be “under the star ceiling”. Amazing how truly real it looks and feels… like you are outside under the stars within your own home.

Jennifer - Dallas, TX

Hi Jeff: (I’m sorry this is so long, but I want you to know how happy I am, and why)

It’s sometimes hard to express in writing what your feelings are, but I’ll try to do my best.

Sometime ago I started to search for someone to paint a night sky in my little boy’s room, and I found your website. I wrote you an email, and I was so happy you answered right away. But not only that, you answered my next 40 or MORE EMAILS, whenever I had any single question. I was so surprised at how an artist like you could take so much time with his prospective clients!

But that isn’t all… since I’m from Los Angeles, I was also searching for someone closer than you are. So, I consulted you again and I was surprised at the way you took things. You told me to, ”Go ahead and hire that person; you don’t have to feel obligated just because we have been in contact for several days” (I liked that). Finally, I hired that other person (a Starscapes painter) because he was much closer and more affordable. He did a good job, but my little boy didn’t pay very much attention to it. I guess that it was O.K. for his age, but my oldest son wanted something much more elaborated.

This time I decided to ask you to come out and paint my older son’s room for me. I sent you a picture that my son found on the Internet and asked you if you could paint it for him? You said that you could, and ever since that time, everything has been perfect. We are so pleased with your work, and it was very obvious to us how much superior your work was, once we compared both jobs. Then, I asked you to do me a big favor and work your magic in my little one’s room, on top of the Starscapes mural that we’d had painted by the other painter. I wanted my little one’s mural to look as nice and as real as the one you’d just finished painting for my older son. And, you did it with a smile, without charging me a single penny and now both of my son’s rooms look beautiful and so real.

I was so worried because you mentioned to me that you were having back pain, and when you left my home, I saw you walking away and you looked like you were really hurting. I could feel your pain. But even with your back pain, that didn’t stop you. You kept smiling, making jokes and playing with my little one, who was so delighted.

Remember, Jeff, when I told you that my little one was afraid to go into his room after his mural was painted by Starscapes? Let me tell you this, Right after you left, he went directly into his big brother’s room and he wasn’t afraid at all. Then he asked me to prepare his room, and then he when he went into it again, he said, WOW!!! And do you know why? It’s because his room finally looked like a real, bright, starry sky. He recognized it and he is only 3 years old! Since that day that you fixed his mural, I can finally put him to sleep by himself again.

Thank you Jeff, because you are not only a great artist, but also, and much more important, a great person, and on top of that, you also speak my native language (another skill)… and that made everything really perfect. I would recommend your work to everybody, because even your website can’t show the beauty of it.

You deserve the best of the best.

Viviana S - Fontana, CA

We want to thank you for bringing another dimension of this world into our home. Every night we have the great opportunity to look at the constellations and we never have to worry about the weather, clouds, city lights or any other element to destroy the view of the heavens.

Every night we are able to lie under the stars and fall asleep. We love the constellation and the extra mile you went to make our bedroom into a vast replica of the night sky on our chosen day. The detail is wonderful.

We marvel at the way that the stars begin to come alive the longer you watch them. They even begin to twinkle. The smaller one’s come out as the night wears on and our eyes adjust to the dark.

We are so happy with the exactness of the constellations and the artistic scene you placed in our home. Even as we awake early in the morning in the darkness our stars are there to greet us. We are so happy that we decided to have you add the Milky Way. It really adds to the great feeling of reality.

Thank you for making our home come alive with the night sky mural.

The Night Sky Mural that you did for us looks just like the night sky that we see when we go camping. I always wished that I could see the stars here in the city as they are in the mountains where there’s no light pollution. Now my wish has come true and I get to see them from my own comfortable bed.

You’ll be back soon to do my boy’s room. Oh, and the shooting stars are an added bonus.

Stacie W. - San Luis Obispo, CA

What an awesome birthday present for our 9 year old daughter. She wanted us to buy her a few packets of those plastic stars from the store and put them up for her birthday. She was blown away when she turned off the lights and instead of seeing the plastic cartoon-looking stars… saw the night sky in her bedroom. Thank you.

John and Michelle P.

Jeff, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for doing such a great job on our ceiling. We are really enjoying it! Once we got good coverings for the windows so that it was really dark, the effect was even more stunning.

I especially enjoy the representation of the Milky Way! As an avid amateur astronomer, I have grown to love the wonder of the night sky… and your work really does give the impression of a beautiful night sky far from city lights.

The abundance of stars and the contrast between brighter and dimmer stars looks truly realistic. The ceiling seems to disappear and you feel like you’re gazing at the heavens. It’s a great alternative to the real thing on cloudy nights.

Thanks again for doing something I couldn’t do myself!

Russ U. —”Walter Trauffer Observatory” —West Jordan, Utah

Now that the holidays are over, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your coming down here and painting my husband’s office ceiling. I showed it to him on Christmas Eve as his “12th day of Christmas” gift. He was totally surprised and delighted!

He just kept smiling, and looking, and smiling, and commenting on how authentic it looked! Nothing else compares to it. He was so impressed with the Milky Way and how realistic it looked! He’d get up close to the ceiling & say, “Geez, there’s a ton of stars in that Milky Way. How’d he (you) do that?” We even went out and got a light to “charge” it up better…

“WOW!” is all we can say! My husband even got his sleeping bag out and slept on the office floor to enjoy the ceiling all night! He’s showed family members as well as neighbors who all are extremely impressed and all want one! We are the only one’s so far with it in the neighborhood! Probably not for long though.

Thanks again…you do a terrific job! You have GREAT customer service and the whole experience was simply delightful! Keep up the good work.

Debbie M. - Provo, UT

Jeff, I have to tell you how thrilled we are with the night sky that you created for us on our home theater ceiling! Our entire family loves it and it has become a favorite with our neighbors too. We now have neighbors who come over and ask to sit in the theater room without watching a movie.

The illusion that you created for me is amazing – it’s like I’m looking through a glass ceiling!

Dr. Ross C. - Savannah, GA

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for doing such a great job on our ceiling. We are really enjoying it! Once we got good coverings for the windows so that it was really dark, the effect is truly stunning! I especially enjoy the representation of the Milky Way!

Customer - Palm Beach, FL

Jeff, My husband and I spent a few days at the Springville Inn in Springville, California. We were so surprised when we turned out the lights, the first night there, and discovered one of your beautiful murals on the ceiling. It was so very realistic and we fell in love with the Milky Way.

We just loved the mural and found it extremely relaxing. We would like you to come to our house and paint one for us in our home…

Peggy - Palm Springs, CA

Thanks again for coming out to paint the mural… I really enjoyed meeting you.

The mural is great and my wife loves it too. I was a little skeptical about how it might turn out, but when you were finished it was awesome! Then I thought to myself, “well, it looks great when the windows are all covered up, but how will it look during the evenings, with my neighbor’s porch light on and the full moon outside? In a word, incredible!

It’s now part of my evening ritual to charge the paint before getting ready for bed. The mural charges while we feed the cat, brush teeth, etc.… By the time we’re ready for bed, we turn the lights off and WOW!

The Milky Way is beautiful and the depth and glow of all the stars is perfect! Now I don’t fall asleep quite as fast because I’m constantly fascinated by the mural.

Normally my wife doesn’t join me for astronomy because it’s so dang cold at night, or the mosquitoes attack her, etc…, but the mural is now her favorite thing…

Our friends are likewise amazed — “How’d you do that???” Thanks again Jeff!

Matt R. - Austin, TX

Just wanted to let you know that the stars are brilliant and brilliantly done! This may sound crazy, but since the stars have been in there, my 18 month old son does not fight bedtime. Thanks again.

Chris R. - Sandy, UT

We saw something similar to what you did for us while we were visiting a friend’s family in Las Vegas a year ago. We thought that it was a great idea and when we saw some of what you did last month, we were excited to have you come over and paint our bedroom.

I need to tell you that the night sky mural that you painted for us is much more realistic than the one our friends have and I can’t wait for them to come visit us so they can see it too.

Scott - La Jolla, CA

The mural that you painted is just fantastic! It is unbelievable! It is just exactly the way that I remember it down in Moab (Utah) and we just love it!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the work that you’ve done on it… but it’s just right on… and the sky just glows like it would if I were in the high Uintas or in Moab… and that’s just the way that I wanted it. It’s what the sky looks like on a pure night.

Dave L - SLC, UT

WOW… Incredible!!! It looks like the Night Sky I see when I’m camping or out hunting. I love it. Thanks!

Gary S - Cambria, CA

Jeff, I just returned home last night to see my bedroom ceiling for the first time. I can’t tell you how much I love it . It is even better than I imagined it would be – what a wonderful job you did!

The milky way is my favorite thing; it just seems to float in the air. Thank you so much. If you would like to use me as a reference, I would be more than happy to – just let me know. Thanks again.

Julie L - Dallas, TX

We just had a night sky mural painted on our bedroom ceiling and we love it! It is very pleasant falling asleep under the stars every night and we have found it to be a completely relaxing experience.

The stars and constellations stay charged for hours. Even when waking up during the night, it is easy to fall back to sleep by looking up at the ceiling stars … even hours later.

We had a friend that come over to our house the evening that our mural was painted and he was astounded at the show of stars on our bedroom ceiling.

Seeing our Night Sky Mural on our ceiling was a completely different experience than looking at the samples on line or in the pamphlets. I would definitely recommend a Night Sky Mural to anyone that is looking to add a unique design to their home.

Wayne & Maria W. - Santa Barbara, CA

I just had to write and let you know how wonderful our new mural is in our home theater. We have known about these murals for about eight years and we actually had a mural painted, in a former house, by another company, which we loved.

We did a search to find someone to paint a mural in our new home and that is when we found you. We decided to have you paint the new mural, even though you were more expensive. We could not be happier.

When we saw your mural for the first time, we couldn’t even speak. We just sat there under it in total silence and amazement. I can honestly tell you that even though we paid more for your mural, we feel that we received much more for our money by going with you. It doesn’t even look like a painting. It looks like our ceiling has been removed.

You will definitely be back out to paint our master bedroom ceiling. Thank You!

Sandy - Santa Barbara, CA

I am just speechless, stunned in amazement at how incredible my starry sky looks. My brother-in-law (who really is a man of few words) saw the finished product before I did and was stunned! He couldn’t wait until I got home to tell me about it. He told me that he had never seen anything like it… ever!

You have a great business, great product and I am so happy that we had you come out and paint the starry sky for us.

Stephanie F. Crandall, TX

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for a job well done. We are really enjoying the mural.

When I saw your ad to fill an unexpected schedule opening, I had never heard of these murals. After trading a few emails with you and doing a scant amount of research, we pretty much crossed our fingers and took a shot in the dark to have this done.

What a great decision that turned out to be. It is such a treat to spend a few minutes each night looking up at what appears to be a window to the heavens. It’s a great, restful, way to turn off the thinking cap and settle in for a night’s sleep. Thanks for working our project into your schedule!

Gilbert - Trophy Club, TX

Dear Jeff, I wanted to thank you for traveling to Houston to paint my toddler’s room. Before your mural, he would get nightmares because he was afraid of the dark. We tried nightlights, but the artificial light was too bright for the room.

I researched the internet for more nightlight options and found your website. My husband & I were highly skeptical about getting a Night Sky, because we didn’t think it could be much different from the cheesy glow stickers at the store.

You were very helpful with the real knowledge you have about astronomy and how to customize our ceiling mural.

It’s been nearly one month since we’ve had our Night Sky, and it’s still absolutely stunning! I’ve been in the room 7 hours after turning out the lights, and everything was still illuminated and appeared 3D. As part of our nightly routine we sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with my son. He hasn’t had nightmares ever since! You can’t put a price on a child’s happiness (Or a good night’s sleep).

It was worth every penny to get the job done right the first time around. Thank you for your hard work and for a job well done!!

Adcox Family - Houston, TX

The illusion that you created for me is amazing – It’s like I’m looking through a glass ceiling!

My dad was very skeptical, especially after coming over and helping us paint our newly remodeled downstairs. He is a fanatic about the outdoors and often is out camping, just to enjoy the night sky.

I know that you were concerned that my dad didn’t say much when you showed us the finished mural in our new family room… but when he saw it for the first time, he was speechless. He couldn’t believe how real the night sky looked. He literally sat their in amazement, and after you left, he went back into the family room, turned out the lights and turned on some relaxing music. We almost had to carry him to his car for him to go home.

Now he wants you to paint the night sky in his bedroom.

Zach S. - SLC, UT

(From a customer who had us paint and send some acoustic panels for his theater room)

The panels are up and I’ll just say that they are everything I had hoped they would be, and more. Just to let you know they are directly over my bed so I will be looking up at them every night when I go to sleep.

The artwork and overall effect is magnificent. I can’t believe how invisible the paint is when the lights are on. It is amazing how the whole mural comes to life when the lights are turned out. I just don’t know what else to say.

I think anyone that is making a home theater and using similar dropped ceiling panels should consider having this done. It gives the whole room a one of a kind feeling and turns a drab ceiling into a focal point in the room. And once again I must say the artwork is stunning.

Bill - Maryland

(A Follow-up email from the same customer)

Jeff, now that I’ve had my mural for a month and had time to enjoy it, I figured I’d follow up with you. My opinion, still, is that it is better than I could ever have expected. I have been surprised at how long the actual luminescence lasts. I can turn the lights out at 10:30 PM and it is still cranking at 5AM. I think it looks most realistic after about 3-4 hoursThe light emitted appears whiter after that amount

If you remember only one line from this testimonials, it should be this: Nothing can prepare you for the first time you see the night sky!

No matter what other people described, I never could have possibly imagined that the final night sky mural product would be so perfectly unbelievable.

I had an unusual room, and Jeff was able to perform absolute magic. When I show it off for folks, the reactions are always the same – utter amazement.

Jeff, you have impressed us all to an extent we cannot describe, and have unquestionably earned customers for life.

Ray - Lewisville, TX

Dear Jeff, Once again, I want to thank you on behalf of our family, and especially our son Devon, for painting one of your incredible murals for us. We are delighted with your work and the smile it puts on our son’s face everytime we tuck him in for the night! We consider what you did for us to be one of the greatest blessings that came out of Jaymun’s fight with cancer. We wrote about your gift to Devon on our website and would dearly love for you to post a link to it on your own website. You are an exceptionally kind man with amazing talent to boot! Please accept our most sincere gratitude and love.

Kaat Family - Wisconsin

We recently had one of your artists come to my home to spend a weekend painting not one, but three Night Sky Murals on our ceilings. Even before arriving, I was impressed with his thoroughness to assure accuracy and to be sure that I was getting what I was paying for. Once he arrived, the incredible concern for accuracy continued. While I wanted an “accurate” mural, I think that his interest in accuracy actually exceeded my own.

He worked diligently and tirelessly for an entire weekend, and conducted himself completely professionally. It was a pleasure to have him in our home. The end result is spectacular… far exceeding my expectations. As I looked up, I could swear that I was observing the sky from a desert on a clear night. The paint is very luminescent (I can charge it in less than 15 minutes, with a single 28″ black light bulb in a 14 x 17 bedroom with 9′ ceilings) – In fact, I have seen many stars still glowing in the morning before sunup. (Note: a black light is not needed. A simple CFL light bulb will do the trick)

Friends and family have all been awed by his work, which I recommend highly. It is some of the best money that I’ve spent in building my house, and your company has put all my other contractors to shame when it comes to responsiveness, timeliness, professionalism, craftsmanship, and cleanliness.

Thank You!

Dr. DKN - New York

Just a quick note to let you know you that we are very happy with the mural that you painted for us in one of the cabins at our resort.

Last week was our summer kickoff weekend and two of the families that stayed with us were friends who came together. One of those families stayed in the cabin with the mural on the ceiling. Both families came up to me and asked for your website. They fell in love with the Night Sky Mural and wanted to find out more information from you. I wasn’t prepared for such a quick response from the guests and I didn’t know what to tell them other than to go to your website.

Here’s what happened: As they were checking out they asked around to see where I was… and then went out of their way to come find me and ask how we painted the Mural on their ceiling.

They said that they had no idea that there was anything on the ceiling until after they’d turned out the lights to go to bed. They said that a few minutes after the lights had been turned out they looked up and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They couldn’t believe that they were seeing a real night sky right over their heads… while inside of the cabin. They loved it!

In fact, they loved it so much that they went to get their friends, who were staying in another cabin, to come over and see it too. He told me that they all sat back on the bed and spent over an hour trying to identify the different constellations. Then someone asked what the cloudy thing was that crossed the ceiling? They had all been so caught up in finding the constellations that they didn’t even notice that the Milky Way was also up there. He said that at that point they all became fixated on Mural and decided that they both had to have one in their own homes too.

We can’t wait for you to return to Texas Hill Country to paint some additional cabins for us! Our guests love them.

Bunk Haus Lodging and RV Park, Russ Clark - Canyon Lake, TX

Hi Jeff, We are now fully moved into our house and I have already gotten hundreds of hours of enjoyment from your mural of the night sky. It’s unbelievable!! Friends and family actually start to believe that they are looking at the “real” night sky after a few minutes of observation.

The initial fluorescent lights did not adequately charge the stars towards the center of the mural because of the large “sky” area (just as you thought), so my son suggested that we replace all of the fluorescent lights with black lights. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Now we have two night skys, one with the black lights on which gives the sky a dark purple cast; and the other when, after the sky has charged for about 10-15 minutes an incredible “real looking” night sky with all the lights off.

We can clearly see the night sky even while a movie is playing when the black lights are left on, because of your special paint. It’s Amazing! We have had nothing but compliments. Family and friends seriously can’t believe it. Thanks again, Jeff, for the wonderful sky mural you did for us. We are looking forward to many more years of sky watching in our home theater.

Please come by and see the final product along with a free movie the next time you are in the area. We also have 2 extra bedrooms if you would like to stay the night.

John M. - Semi Valley, CA

We have been spending an hour (at least) in our son’s room each night as he is going to sleep or sometimes sneak into the room after he has already fallen asleep… just to sit and stare at his mural.

We seriously thought that your murals would be nice, and expected them to be better than those plastic stickers that he had before. But we were not prepared for such a huge difference. In fact, they shouldn’t even be compared in the same conversation. Let me explain…

Before you arrived, as we talked about getting a mural for our boy, we discussed if we really wanted to get one. We had just taken his sticker stars down so that we could paint and we had been planning on putting then back up when we came across your website.

As my wife and I discussed getting one of your mural versus the stickers, we came up with something that helped us in our decision. We came up with a scale in our heads. On one end of the scale we put the sticker stars that he’d already been used to and on the other end of the scale we put the actual night sky that we see when we go camping. We said that we would be happy if your mural was somewhere between the sticker stars and halfway to the real night sky.

Well, we decided to take a chance and hope for the best.

We were not even close to being prepared for what we saw when you brought us into the room to see the mural. With fingers crossed, we opened our eyes and we could have sworn that we were looking at the same night sky that we see when camping. It was that real. We didn’t say anything for a few seconds because we were literally speechless.

Thank you so much! You have an incredible product and we’d like you to come back and paint our bedroom and the home theater whenever you can make it back out here again.

James & Diane S - San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to let you know that Tim and I just love the night sky mural that you did for us! It is AWSOME!!! We are so happy that we had you bring it down the walls. It is truely mind blowing! It is faux art at its finest. I am telling all of my friends and having them come over and see it at night!! Thanks again!

Laura - Connecticut

I just had to write to you and express how incredible I think your service is and how impressed I was at how you and your business stand behind your product… even when I realize, now, that there was nothing wrong with it.

Here is what happened: You painted a star mural for my daughter and we couldn’t have been happier with it. A few nights after it was painted I noticed a few areas that seemed to be somewhat bare. I called you to tell you about it (the entire time expecting to hear a list of excuses) and you told me that you would get out here to take care of it just as soon as you could but that it might be a month or two. I was impressed to say the least, especially since you are over 1500 miles away.

I was again impressed as you let me know from time to time when you thought you would be able to get out here. Then, I got an email telling me that you would be able to come by in the next couple of weeks, whenever was good for us.

I forgot what it took to get the room ready to paint, but you did it with a smile, never once complaining. Impressed again!

When the room was dark, the furniture and floor covered with your drop cloths and the paint charged up (with your black light) you called me in to show you the areas I was concerned with. The first thing that I thought when I walked into the room was, “WOW! I haven’t seen the mural look that good since you were first here.” When I asked you about it you were very nice. You said that if I had changed the incandescent bulbs out with the fluorescent bulbs… I would see the mural like this every night. (By the way – I went out after you left and got the lights)

Well, those areas didn’t look quite so bare when charged correctly but you still offered to add some more stars to those areas anyway.

As you were leaving I offered to pay you for your time but you wouldn’t accept anything.

Needless to say, this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had with anyone working on the home. Thank you so much! I have told many, many people about your awesome murals and incredible service. I really hope that you go far with your business!

Jessica - La Jolla, CA

A few years ago I was looking for a mural to put on a closet wall. I did a Google search and instead I landed on a gold mine…a website called, Turns out the owner/artist, Jeff, does custom, accurate night skies on your ceilings, which are amazing!

Jeff and I spoke several times. The original plan was for him to fly out and paint one night sky on a bedroom ceiling. But, we loved his work so much that we wouldn’t let him leave until he’d also painted the guest room, my niece’s room and the entertainment room. It’s amazing! We turn out the lights and, there on the ceiling, we are instantly transformed to outer space and are looking into the most gorgeous, clear, night sky.

I can’t think of a better way than to go to sleep with it in your own bedroom every night… It’s awesome, and it makes your home unique.

When Jeff finished, he and I sat in the dark admiring his work… and I had to laugh about it. I said, “Wow how often is it that you meet a total stranger, let him paint your ceiling, then sit in the dark with him and talk about it for an hour?” Anyway, Jeff’s a great guy and you’ll love him and his work!

Fran Capo, Fran Capo - NY

In one word – MAGNIFICENT!

We are so happy – it is perfect. I’ve called all my friends to come see for themselves. I am so sorry that we didn’t have A/C for you. It never dawned on me that the ocean breeze would be shut out while you toiled away in what must have been unbearable heat. What dedication! Your passion for your art shows in the finished product. And I’m sure the drive back was brutal – L.A. traffic in the middle of rush hour would drive anyone to quit this business. You’ve made 2 boys and 2 adults extremely happy, though. [Yes, my Doubting Thomas husband thought it was pretty darn cool, too.]

Susan - Redondo Beach, CA

(One Month Later)

How could I have ever thought one word could sum up the Night Sky Mural you painted for our sons’ room. In fact, there really are no words to describe how amazing it is to stand in the middle of that room and be transported to a whole new place far far far away from the city lights of L.A.

Almost every night I creep in, sit my happy self down on their floor and stare up at the night sky. You have completely transformed their room into a place where I want to spend every night. Many thanks, again!

P.S. How do you get the stars to twinkle like that?

Let me share with you a lovely experience we recently had. For the past six months, my husband and I had been planning to add a night sky mural to our home. Some of our friends thought it was unnecessary and suggested we could achieve the same effect with stickers or paint from a hardware store. Others felt the mural would be out of place in our home. Despite their opinions, we decided to pursue our vision.

When the mural was finally completed, we invited our friends over for a barbecue and gave them a surprise tour of our home, including the newly added mural. As we dimmed the lights, we watched their amazement as the mural appeared above them. Even those who had previously felt it was out of place in our home were impressed and admitted they were wrong.

Overall, it was a lovely experience that brought us much joy and satisfaction.

Joan - Beverly Hills, CA

We had a ceiling painted in my son’s nursery and I’m having a hard time putting on paper an accurate description of the ceiling. I was blown away when I saw the finished product.

I have read a couple reviews about Night Sky Murals and it seems that everyone that has written a review has had the same problem that I have, as none of them come close to an accurate description of the majestic visual experience you get by simply walking into a room.

In a previous occupation (Navy Seal) I spent hundreds of nights per year under the stars, and the mural on the ceiling brings back some of my favorite memories. I can’t believe how real it looks. It’s just like the most majestic, perfect night sky. Everyone that sees it gets lost in the thousands of stars that are there and it seems as though you can keep looking deeper and deeper into space the longer spend in the room.

The amount of time and attention that was spent to create this inexpressible product makes it worth every penny. We are going to do our master bedroom, guest rooms and my daughter’s room ASAP.

Thanks for all the hard work and accommodating my families busy schedule.

Will - Austin, TX

I am writing this letter to you after spending our first night under the incredible mural you painted for us on our ceiling and walls.

You painted the mural in our new home theater room and, if you can believe it, that is where we slept last night. I couldn’t believe it when my wife suggested it, but we had been sitting on the floor of our new theater enjoying the mural when my wife said, “Why don’t we get the sleeping bags out, throw them on the floor and “camp out” under the night sky?” I laughed at first, but then I thought about how fun it might be to do just that.

Well, I am writing to tell you that we did just that and I can not be happier with what you did for us. You truely created a masterpiece for us and the mural really does look like the real thing. Thank you so much!

Rick and Angela - San Diego, CA

WOW! What an amazing sky! Sitting under that was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had! A friend came over and saw it and could not believe it! He was in awe!

I really look forward to being able to share it with the people that stay here at the new bed and breakfast that I am calling…. “SOGNARE”… it is Italian for “to have dreams”… in honor of that beautiful sky…I am also calling that suite “Stellina”, which is Italian for little stars…

Thanks again!

“Tana Dolce” the hideaway above the Lake at Spring Valley

Robin - Ft. Worth, TX

My daughter REALLY liked the portable mural you painted for me to give to her as a gift!

After I gave her the gift, we found a dark room, put the mural up on the ceiling, and then layed on the floor, talking about it for over an hour. A few days later, when she finally had it up on the ceiling of her new apt, she sent me a text telling me that she was falling asleep while looking at her stars. I loved hearing that and it confirmed to me that I’d given her a gift that she will enjoy for years to come. Made me jealous too. 🙂

I can tell you this for sure. If I had a house where I was planning on staying for a long time, I’d have a ceiling done in a hurry. The effect is amazing. It’s one of the best, most unique things I’ve seen in a long time.

Glenn P. - Chicago, IL


PS… It's Fabulous!

John R - San Francisco, CA

I just had to write and let you know that, after a year and a half, I still love my ceiling mural. There is something very relaxing and romantic about climbing into bed at night and being able to stare up at the beautiful night sky that you painted for us.

We can’t thank you enough for having a business and a product that exceeded our expectations in every way.

Thanks for everything!

Tracy S. - Palm Beach, FL

Never in my life have I been short on words.

Anyone who knows me would expect my reaction to be that of great enthusiasm, cheering and some serious jumping up and down to have this creative masterpiece shining from my ceiling.

However this was not your ordinary work of art.

This was not just any masterpiece.

This was the one moment in time I was rendered completely speechless!

Dyna M. - Bakersfield, CA

Please use me as a reference. Your work is outstanding and you are a lovely person. Anyone would be thrilled to hire you!

Chris R. - Marina del Ray

When my daughter asked for a celestial theme for her bedroom, I searched and searched for an alternative, but nothing I found was worth investing even a little money in. Then I found your website and I knew that this was what she was looking for (although she didn’t know it).

A few days later, I sent you a recording of the moment that I showed her your mural for the first time, but I failed to record her entire reaction to seeing your work. Here’s what happened.

After about an hour of staring at the stars, my daughter leaned over, hugged me and cried. When I asked her why she was crying she told me, “Because I can’t tell you how much I love it!”

 Thanks for that, Jeff.

Scott F. - Long Island, NY

Thanks Jeff, words can’t express how pleased I am with the results of your work.  It makes me feel like I am back in the mountains laying under the stars and I still can’t believe that I get to enjoy this every night!  

I had a fiber optic night sky in a home in the past but this is far superior for realism and is beyond what my expectations were going into it. I’m still without words to express the giddiness it gives me.

Thank You so much!

Tim N. - New Orleans, LA

I knew I wanted a Night Sky Mural in our home theater from the moment I first saw them.

Then, after weeks of construction I was finally able to get on Jeff’s schedule. He spent several hours doing whatever
magic it is that he does down in the dark theater.

Jeff painted my ceiling astronomically correct as far as geographical orientation and constellation/star
placement. As a result, it is unbelievable.

My wife, who’d said, “OK, go ahead and get one,” understood my excitement just as soon as she saw it. All she
could say was, “Wow!”

KL - Rural Georgia

The artist is very professional and does a great job! The ceilings look amazing and I highly recommend him! One caveat he prefers the room to be cool (or cold).

Allan Malina

Jeff did our theater room ceiling and it is amazing. We highly recommend! If you are doing new construction I highly recommend you follow his website instructions on angling the soffit for the tray ceiling. This will make the black tube lights that charge the paint more effective and give it a real “wow” factor.

R.S. - TX

Jeff has done two ceilings for me over the years. Both murals are wonderful additions to each room and transform the experience of my daughter’s sleep overs with her friends. I can’t recommend him, and his work, enough!

"Chico" - NC

I would 100% recommend Night Sky Murals! I contacted Jeff about doing the ceiling in my theater before my house was built. He helped me with selecting light fixtures and also different questions pertaining to the ceiling. Once I was ready to have the ceiling painted, he made arrangements to get it done once he was near San Antonio. The night sky was painted in June of 2016 and looks as great as now as it did when he painted it. I chose to select an artist that was coming from out of state because he had great reviews and was willing to answer all my questions and help with whatever I needed.

You will not go wrong with selecting Night Sky Murals!!!!

JD Fontenot - Texas

The most amazing night sky mural on my theater ceiling. Jeff showed up and we discussed my vision and options. The final product is more than what we ever expected.

Customer from Texas

Night Sky Murals painted the ceilings in both my kids’ bedrooms. It is such a beautiful night sky scene with the stars, moon, a shooting star. The kids love it and my husband and I both enjoy it as well when we lie down with the kids sometimes. Four years and we are still loving it and enjoying it.

T. Deepak - CA

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