Night Sky Murals

Bringing Art to Life

When Was Your First Time?

If you have ever gazed up at a night sky, far away from light pollution, you understand just how beautiful and relaxing that infinite starscape can be.

You know how easy it is to lose yourself in the uncounted billions of stars, planets, and satellites swirling overhead.

Wherever you were the first time you encountered the dazzling depths of the universe, the stars you saw that night will be imprinted in your memory forever.

Couple gazing into the night sky

But now... the heavens are yours to keep.

Until now, the only way to really stargaze and experience the full impact of the night sky was to load up the car and drive hundreds of miles beyond the glare of city lights.

Loaded car

But now... the heavens are yours to keep. You can effectively bring the universe into your own bedroom, home theater, relaxation room, kid's room, game room, bathroom or family room. "It's kind of like having your own personal and private planetarium!"

CN theater with Night Sky Mural

Night Sky Murals™, widely acclaimed as the world's premier provider of these realistic, 3D, trompe loeil, stargazing and romantic murals, perfectly recreates the night sky on your own ceiling as though you were viewing a real starscape from some dark, remote location on earth. But, for this beautiful star-filled night sky, there is no need for a long drive.

Wisconsin Theater with Night Sky Mural

Imagine... each night as you fall asleep in your own bed, the stars come alive above you with that same staggering beauty; creating that same relaxing and romantic emotion and having that same special magic you first found outdoors. 

Tray ceiling with Night Sky Mural

Your favorite constellations and many thousands of stars appear above your head as you turn out your lights, and they continue glowing throughout the night. You can spend hours stargazing, searching for constellations, shooting stars, and the distant strand of the Milky Way… 

And, reminiscent of an actual star-filled sky, 
your Night Sky Mural will disappear with the dawn.


Experience it.

A Night Sky Mural is not just a ceiling decoration; it is an experience for you to enjoy. It's a work of art that can touch your soul and refresh your mind. Night Sky Murals™ truly are one of the most exclusive forms of faux art ever created. These are Three-Dimensional (3D) star-ceiling murals, as original as they are inspiring, as stunning as they are accurate. They're meticulously detailed, and as beautiful as the real thing. Your Night Sky Mural will be there for you, instantly, with the flip of a switch, to transport you to a magic place just like a real night sky would... but from the solitude and comfort of your own home.

Bedroom star ceiling from Night Sky Murals

Experience the true look and feel of an actual night sky that we will create just for you. And not just any night sky, but one only visible from remote locations, untainted by the effects of light pollution.

With over 20 years of experience, and thousands of murals completed, we have arrived at the point where our murals are light years ahead of anything else you’ve ever seen.

Painting a night sky mural

Consider it your own private, heavenly light show. Consider it in the Master Suite, Home Theater, Relaxation room, over the Bathtub or in the Kids room. Call us today to find out how easy it is to bring the universe into your very own home. A treasure and memory your family and friends will remember forever.

Kids camping under a Night Sky Mural star ceiling

This is what one customer wrote about her experience...

Never in my life have I been short on words. Anyone who knows me would expect my reaction to be that of great enthusiasm, cheering and some serious jumping up and down to have this creative masterpiece shining from my ceiling. However this was not your ordinary work of art. This was not just any masterpiece. This was the one moment in time I was rendered completely speechless!

Dyna M - Bakersfield, CA