May 31

Ranch Owner’s Disappearance Leaves Questions


After an exhausting 15-hour search, Bruce, the owner of a vast ranch, finally emerged, disbelief etched on his face.

Serene coastal cattle ranch on California Central coast

Bruce was notorious for being an insomniac and a workaholic, constantly tending to the cattle, fixing fences, and conversing with the ranch hands. When he invited me to paint a Night Sky Mural star ceiling for him on his ranch, I took the opportunity to bring along my family. It was a chance to revisit my old stomping grounds on California's Central Coast and enjoy quality time with my loved ones.

On the day Bruce disappeared, I’d finished painting his night sky in the early afternoon and we had just returned from spending a few hours at the beach. As we parked near the bunkhouse where we were staying, the ranch hands anxiously approached us, inquiring about Bruce's whereabouts. Looking back, I wonder if they suspected us of having a hand in his vanishing act. Despite our assurances of ignorance, their concern only deepened.

Bruce was a creature of habit, following a strict routine day in and day out. He would rise before the sun, jump right into his work, and remain active until late into the evening, around 8 PM. But his day didn't end there. After a quick meal and some television to unwind, he would retire to bed at around 10 PM.

However, falling asleep wasn't usually immediate for Bruce, even after such a long, hard day on the ranch. Instead, his mind raced with rapid-fire thoughts—tasks completed, chores for the next day, and even trivial pondering like the number of licks it takes to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop. This mental madness would continue until around midnight when exhaustion would finally claim him, and he would finally drift off into his much needed sleep.

Around 2 AM, Bruce would awaken, stumbling to the kitchen for a snack and a brief restroom break before returning to bed. After a shorter battle against sleep that would last for about 30 minutes, he would surrender to sleep again, only to open his eyes again between 4:30 and 5 AM, signaling the start of a new day. This had been his routine for the past three decades—a true creature of habit.

So, when Bruce failed to appear that Thursday evening, the ranch hands grew increasingly worried, especially since his truck remained in its usual spot, its engine cold. They searched tirelessly until one of them suggested calling off the search and waiting until 5:30 AM, expecting Bruce to reappear as he always did.

At 8 AM, as my family and I readied ourselves for another day at the beach before our long journey home , the ranch hands approached us once more, their faces etched with even deeper concern. They asked if we had seen Bruce that morning, to which I replied with growing apprehension, "You're still looking for him?" Their answer sent shivers down my spine. "We are! He vanished last night, right after you finished painting his bedroom ceiling. He hasn't been seen since. We're seriously worried."

In a state of collective confusion and alarm, Bruce casually walked out of his house, entirely oblivious to the commotion and the impending Search and Rescue operation. "Bruce! We've been searching everywhere for you since last night! Where have you been!?"

His response both astonished and delighted us. "You have? Wow, I'm so sorry!" Bruce proceeded to give us what could only be described as one of my most remarkable testimonial.

He recounted how, after I had finished painting the night sky on his bedroom ceiling and we had left for the beach, he wanted another glimpse of his new “luxury” ceiling. Since I had left the black plastic on his window to block out light during the painting process, he only needed to switch on the black light for a few minutes to appreciate the artwork a second time. That's precisely what he did.

Night Sky Mural on bedroom ceiling

According to Bruce, as he lay in the dark, gazing at the simulated night sky above him, his mind slowly relaxed. Focusing on the twinkling stars above provided a calming focal point, quieting the relentless stream of thoughts that usually plagued him. In less than five minutes, he fell into a deep and uninterrupted sleep. He remained blissfully unaware until midnight when he awoke, stunned by what had transpired. Believing everyone to be sound asleep, he indulged in his customary snack, visited the restroom, and returned to bed. The stars still shimmered faintly, so he briefly illuminated the room with the black light, allowing the celestial mural to cast its gentle glow once again, before settling back onto his pillow. Within minutes, he drifted easily to sleep once more. It wasn't until 7 AM that he finally woke up, showered, had a quick breakfast, and emerged from his house to find the ranch hands, and my family, anxiously awaiting his return.

Bruce shared a quick explanation and as the ranch hands dispersed to resume their daily tasks, Bruce shared the rest of his unprecedented experience with me, bubbling with excitement. He had never enjoyed a night's sleep like that before, with several consecutive hours of uninterrupted rest. The possibility of escaping his usual four-hour slumber excited him to no end.

Later that morning we continued our conversation, still captivated by Bruce's enthusiasm, as we sat at one of our favorite, secret hideaways, savoring the warm, freshly baked Olallieberry pies from Lynn’s Berry Farm. It was a joyful moment, surrounded by the beauty of the Central Coast, cherishing the bond of family and witnessing the transformative power of art and a starlit ceiling.

Linn's Berry Farm Olallieberry Pie


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